Manufacturing & Mining

Manufacturing and Mining industries continue to undergo a major transformation, spurred by industry consolidation, globalization, increasing costs of raw materials, demand and price fluctuations. To cope with the ever-changing landscape, companies are making structural changes to reduce costs and seek customer loyalty through higher service levels. As part of these efforts, many are looking for ways to drive new levels of efficiency and flexibility within their core processes.

At Jaggy, we have strong domain consulting expertise in manufacturing, mining, costing, planning and storing functions and functional expertise of planning modules in Oracle (WIP, BOM, CST, INV, MPR) and SAP (MM, SD, PM, PP).

Successful implementation of these modules provide clear visibility of dependent and independent demand, available supply, net requirement calculation, job order requisitioning, work-in-progress status, finished and raw material inventory, outside processing and lot control. Clear visibility and better control effectively reduces manufacturing lead times, resulting in reduction of production costs and higher availability of finished goods for delivery. Every step of the operations from costing, ordering and consumption of raw materials, outside processing, overhead, and supply chain efficiency can be tracked.

Since planning, procurement and distribution functions can be seamlessly integrated with manufacturing activities, a better control can be exercised at any level to bring the manufacturing cost under control. Proper analysis of manufacturing activities can be done for consumption of raw materials and optimal usage of resources and machineries.

Successful implementation of manufacturing modules helps track the status of any production job order at shop floor and accurately calculates the raw material, work-in-progress and finished goods inventory at any point of time.

Key Benefits for the Manufacturing Industry

  • Accelerate innovation and boost brand equity
  • Drive growth through customer-centric processes
  • Optimize Supply Chain performance
  • Drive revenue and margin growth through service transformation
  • Reduce manufacturing lead time
  • Inventory visibility for raw material, work-in-progress and finished goods

Key Benefits for the Mining Industry

  • Reduced inventory and materials costs through improved visibility, collaboration, and strategic sourcing with suppliers
  • Improved cycle time and equipment utilization - and capital conservation sized to market dynamics
  • Lower costs for connecting remote locations to headquarters and to customers
  • Alignment of supply and manufacturing requirements with dynamic shifts in prices and demand

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