Financial Services

Jaggy helps clients in the financial services industry improve performance, reduce risk, and increase profitability. We specialize in providing solutions that deliver rapid, tangible results and measurable ROI, without disrupting day-to-day operations. Jaggy provides IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing, and applications services to financial institutions, helping them tackle the most critical issues they face, while opening up a new realm of possibilities.

Today, banks need to be agile and responsive so that they can quickly adapt to changing markets and increasing customer demands. A process-centric approach for their business and technology architecture can help banks address such challenges.

Jaggy financial solutions use Industry Reference Model (IRM) for Banking - a comprehensive repository of pre-engineered generic processes for banking and capital markets. This pre-analyzed repository is enriched with best practices allowing banks to:

  • Standardize business processes by replicating best practices across business lines
  • Redesign processes quickly and efficiently, saving the time and effort required to launch new products
  • Optimize, measure, and audit enterprise-wide processes
  • Bring about greater transparency in processes, policies, and workflows, making it easier to manage the multitude of compliance and control requirements
  • Track and reduce the operational risk inherent at various activity levels
  • Trigger their service-oriented architecture (SOA) initiatives
  • Reduce training and maintenance overhead

The unique value of Industry Reference Model for Banking lies in its structure, depth, and comprehensive coverage. Its technology-independent framework provides the basis for subsequent translation of abstract process models into executable workflows. Workflows that provide end-to-end automation of banking transactions on a single operating platform serve as a foundation for offering insights into future performance.

Capital Markets
Jaggy's services for Capital Markets can align business and IT strategies to help transform market, credit and security functions across organizations to manage risk and reduce cost.

To address new requirements including global straight-through-processing (STP) targets, Capital Markets need to make significant, complex changes to enterprise processes and IT, transform operations and business, and create a completely streamlined and more efficient operational environment. This is possible through the following:

  • Managing risk and transforming operations - become better equipped to comply with global STP targets that require streamlined transaction processes. Implementing the correct processes to speed up transactions and reduce the number of errors, saving time and money.
  • Strategically manage costs - an experienced IT partner can help with infrastructure management through outsourcing arrangements, systems consolidation, and legacy applications replacement.
  • Manage enterprise risk - accurate, consistent and transparent risk information across business units prevents unexpected losses, the need for higher capital requirements and civil or criminal penalties.
  • Financial crimes - detecting patterns of internal or external fraudulent activity after a crime has occurred is counterproductive. Adopting proactive detection in near-real time and case management techniques enables an organization to reduce frequency and severity of losses attributable to Financial Crime.
  • Governance and compliance - regulatory obligations in place across many jurisdictions ensure transparent governance of financial and non-financial risks. Process standardization and workflow automation can enable you to cost effectively deal with increasing compliance scrutiny while differentiating your business.

Jaggy's solutions allow financial organizations to drive down costs, improve time to market, increase revenue generation, and address regulatory requirements.

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