Technology acts as a foundation for the healthcare industry in reducing costs, enabling delivery and increasing access. Jaggy Healthcare solutions help pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies - as well as integrated delivery networks and healthcare organizations to discover, develop, and market innovative products and services that prevent and cure disease, enhance quality of life, and meet shareholder expectations. Jaggy brings comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to the healthcare industry to support best practices and decreased costs. Healthcare-specific applications help ensure quality care and decrease patient safety concerns through the integration of clinical data and the ability to analyze patient-specific information.

Healthcare Provider
For Healthcare Providers, Jaggy offers solutions that deliver a comprehensive combination of technology and business applications. Specific service offerings include Supply Chain Management, Patient Accounting, Revenue Cycle management, HR and Finance applications, testing and integrated BPO services for the billing and revenue cycle and Electronic Records management (EMR). Key benefits:

  • A complete, standards-based, interoperable HIE and identity management platform
  • Integrated contracting, procurement, and payment for materials
  • Integrated solution for internal and external applicants, including competencies, licenses, and experience Out-of-the-box self-service transactions to reduce human resources costs
  • Compliance management across contracting, procurement, and finance
  • Learning management solution integrated with Human Capital Management

Healthcare Payer
For Payers, we offer solutions to increase operational effectiveness through integrated systems, efficient data warehouses and business intelligence gathering. Jaggy's solutions enable clients to meet regulatory deadlines such as the upcoming NCPDP D.0 HIPAA-5010 conversion. Key benefits:

  • Cost-effective transaction processing through Claims reconciliation
  • Enterprise business analytics with pre-built healthcare profitability KPIs
  • Comprehensive distributor relationship management solution
  • Advanced analytics to target member populations for medical outreach
  • Complete set of capabilities to support pay-for-performance initiatives
  • Scalable financial hub solution, which consolidates multiple ledgers to provide accurate financial reporting

Life Sciences
The life sciences industry is in a period of major transition, and as a result, organizations have a unique opportunity to collaborate and harness the drivers of change. There is a pressing need for the industry to change with the demands of the current market sentiments, social pressures to reduce the overall healthcare costs, reduce the cycle time to market new products and bring in overall operational efficiencies. Jaggy's service offerings are designed with these challenges in mind and we offer a wide range of solutions covering R&D, Drug discovery, Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution, Regulatory compliance, and administration. Jaggy for Life Sciences solutions support business processes for key industry segments, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals - Institutionalize compliance, embrace operational excellence, improve product safety and quality, mitigate risk, and decrease time to peak sales
  • Biotechnology/Biopharmaceuticals - Find better leads faster, embrace operational excellence, and attract top-tier partners
  • Medical Device/Scientific Instruments - Improve time to market, manage compliance, and improve operating margins

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