Systems Integration and Consulting

Systems Integration and Consulting
Key to having a reliable IT infrastructure is the ability to integrate disparate systems into one environment that can support various business operations. Data needed to provide true business insight and accurate customer information is often locked away in numerous data silos created by disparate, unconnected systems. Silos of data, complex technologies and changing business environments are among the main challenges organizations face on their path to growth.

Jaggy can help you unlock the value of your data. We believe that information gathered from a variety of different system sources (with appropriate security built in) and then processed to deliver a single operational view will yield genuine intelligence that greatly enhances business decision-making and overall organizational efficiency.

Understanding the complexities of the IT environment, Jaggy consultants help our clients define the strategies and evaluate, design, develop and implement the systems and processes that best achieve their transformation. An end-to-end provider, Jaggy has deep expertise in all facets of client's business and technology environment, enabling us to not only consult but to implement and manage solutions.

Key practice areas:

System integration really is our business, from consulting through solutions definition and design, to deployment and ultimate benefits realization. With our help, your integrated technology can become a significant revenue enabler, unlocking insight into customer behavior and operational efficiency.

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