Business Continuity Solutions

Business interruptions due to natural disasters and human error can happen at any time. At Jaggy, we ensure business continuity by architecting disaster recovery planning & testing solutions designed to minimize impact and shorten downtime when system outages occur. Working closely with our clients, we map our disaster backup and data recovery solutions to their business objectives.

Business Continuity Planning
Jaggy Enterprise Business Continuity solutions ensure that your applications and data are available during planned and unplanned outages. A significant, sustained interruption of enterprise operations or information flow will have a strong adverse effect upon an organization. However, according to Gartner, fewer than 30 percent of Fortune 2000 companies actually have a full business continuity plan in place.

Business Continuity planning (BCP) addresses maintaining the viability of the business enterprise during an emergency. It is a holistic, cost-effective means of preparing to respond to a disaster.

Business continuity plans enable organizations to protect their employees and assets and resume operations in an expedient and controlled fashion. Business continuity plans contain a series of key elements:

bulletA risk management program that includes clearly defined roles and responsibilities, including support organization functions
bulletSpecific incident/emergency management responses that identify assembly areas at a safe distance from the site of the incident
bulletAccessible recovery locations and emergency operations centers
bulletA process for automatically switching telephone and data lines
bulletManual processes for continuing operations until technology is repaired
bulletProcesses to deal with the loss of information that are not available from backup data
bulletTesting of the business continuity plans on an end-to-end basis
bulletA BCP awareness program
bulletA continuous review process to keep the BCP up-to-date

Developing a sound business continuity plan is crucial to preventing even a minor disruption from turning into a catastrophe. A process model that effectively responds to an incident may prevent the emergence of a crisis.

Business Impact Analysis

A BCP program begins with a business impact analysis (BIA). A BIA identifies the effects of a disaster upon an organization. This includes such areas as: loss of revenue, impact upon customers, regulatory issues, impact upon employees, and other business interruption consequences. With accurate information from a BIA, an organization will be ready to develop a sound business continuity plan that will provide a cost-benefit approach to recovery strategies.

Because a BCP program is an organization's strategic response to an emergency, senior management must address such issues as:

bulletDo we know what our business recovery objectives are?
bulletDo our strategies match business needs?
bulletIs our plan all encompassing, including business operations, technology, and suppliers?
bulletDo our employees know what steps to take in the event of an emergency?
bulletHave we identified the gaps between our current recovery capabilities and our recovery needs?
bulletAre our plans easy to maintain?
bulletHave we included administrative support functions in the recovery effort, such as human resources, insurance, legal, security, etc.?
bulletIs there a clear delegation of roles and responsibilities in place?
bulletIs there a structured testing methodology?

Key Benefits

  • Appropriate protection - Match protection levels to the business value of your data, so each class of information gets the protection it merits.
  • Tailored solutions — Suit your specific business needs with creative solutions developed by skilled consultants.
  • Reduced risk — Meet the most stringent information protection requirements of regulatory agencies, trade groups, and business owners.
  • Increased business resilience — Protect your business processes against disasters, system failure, and data corruption with an infrastructure that meets demanding recovery objectives.
  • Improved uptime and availability — Implement a comprehensive strategy to ensure continuity of e-mail and messaging, transaction processing, and web-based applications.
  • Wide range of solutions — Meet your recovery goals with high-performance, disk-based technologies, including continuous data protection, replication, snapshot, and virtual tape libraries.

Jaggy consultants have deep experience in business continuity and understand the importance of complying with regulatory requirements and fiduciary responsibilities in order to avoid potential penalties and litigation. With a global network of certified BCP consultants — coupled with our independence — we are able to bring to bear the BCP solution that is right for your organization.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us.