Storage and Backup

Storage and Backup Services Overview
Every year, unrecoverable data loss costs businesses millions of dollars. More than ever it is vital to have a process, like managed data backups, in place to preserve your data, maintain its integrity and keep your business operating unimpeded and without loss.

In the aftermath of any disaster, whether man-made or natural, more than 50% of smaller businesses never recover from data loss. For large businesses, losing data that affects millions of customers and employees can be overcome. The recovery, however, will dramatically impact their revenue numbers and their brand reputations.

Jaggy storage and backup services are designed to provide managed storage capacity and other cost-effective solutions to help increase your data availability and protect your critical information from accidental loss or destruction. Flexible backup and restoration services, expert technical assistance and managed storage capacity can help address the rapidly growing data volumes associated with your on demand business.

SAN managed storage services
Mounting data stores can slow system performance and clutter databases. With SAN (storage area network) managed storage services, you can store large volumes of data in a security-enhanced SAN environment provided and managed by Jaggy. SAN managed storage services enable you to purchase reliable, high-performance storage capacity for a flat monthly charge for each shared or dedicated Fibre Channel access connection to the SAN environment, plus a monthly charge per gigabyte of allocated disk space.

Standard backup and restore
With standard backup and restore service for hosting environments, you gain reliable, flexible, security-rich, network-based backup at a very affordable price. Costs for hardware and management tools such as servers, storage pools and tape libraries are shared among all clients of the service. At the same time, Jaggy employs security features and management mechanisms at the network, backup server and storage device layers to help ensure separation and protection of your data. You maintain control over the actual backup process itself. If extra storage or data transfer is necessary, you can initiate ad hoc backups at any time. Billing is based on the amount of data transferred to backup or from restore. You pay only for the services you use.

Dedicated backup and restore
With a dedicated storage management server to handle tape backup and restoration functions, you gain a higher degree of flexibility and schedule control than our standard backup and restore service allows, especially if you have large volumes of data. You can choose between lower-cost shared tape library resources or optional dedicated resources.

Online hot database backup
When you have mission-critical data and cannot tolerate the downtime associated with offline backup and restoration services, the online hot database backup service enables you to back up selected databases without interrupting business transactions. The 24x7 capability can be added to our standard backup and restore service. You can select the databases and frequency of the backups.

High performance backup and restore
As multi-terabyte databases become common and available backup windows continue to shrink, the issue of backing up large databases in the shortest possible time has become increasingly urgent. High performance backup and restore provides backup and restoration of large amounts of data in significantly less time than standard services by moving data transfers from the IP communications network to a data network or SAN . These fiber connections provide throughput superior to that of LAN-based IP connections by supporting large frame size and high-bandwidth transfers. High-throughput data transfer means shorter backup and restoration intervals, which translates into higher application availability and potentially lower costs.

Offsite data storage
You can increase the level of data protection provided by our standard backup and restore service by adding offsite data storage. Duplicate copies of your backup tapes are automatically created by Tivoli Storage Manager and transferred daily to a security-rich offsite storage facility. Should recovery be impossible using onsite backup media, quick access to these vaulted copies can help limit business disruptions. Billing is per gigabyte stored in the offsite facility, with separate charges for each emergency media recall.

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