Infrastructure Solutions

Manage your Infrastructure Cost Effectively
Infrastructure management, including technology deployment, is a huge drain on IT resources. According to Gartner, an average of 78% of IT budget is spent just managing existing software and system infrastructures.

Infrastructure Transformation
Jaggy Infrastructure Transformation offering consistently reduce costs while enabling IT to be more responsive in the changing requirements of the business. Jaggy offers comprehensive IT infrastructure transformation solutions that maximize the use of virtualization and consolidation to reduce costs, reduce data center footprint, and reduce the use of energy.

Data Center Technology & Operations
Data Center Technology & Operations solutions offer a differentiating and holistic approach to transformational change within our client's data centers. Through our unique approach and delivery capability we are able to drive cost efficiencies and operational effectiveness through the optimization of the underlying infrastructure technologies, as well as the supporting operational processes, based upon ITIL V3, and tools.

Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise architecture defines the vision, principles, standards and roadmap that guide the selection, deployment, operation, and refreshment of technologies within an organization.

Security Solutions
New technological developments, however, create new challenges when it comes to protecting the organization's infrastructure. Jaggy Infrastructure Security Services offers a secure foundation for a holistic security program focused on securing and maintaining the basic building blocks of the IT organization.

Network Infrastructure
To keep your business running, your network and infrastructure must be robust, flexible, available, and secure. Therefore, investing in network and infrastructure solutions is crucial. Because your network and infrastructure touches every employee and every aspect of your operations, you can't afford to let chronic network and infrastructure problems slow down business. Jaggy's network and infrastructure solutions provide improved response times, greater network stability, seamless hardware and software integration, network availability, and reliable remote connectivity.

Virtualization technology such as server virtualization, storage virtualization, desktop virtualization, hardware virtualization, as well as server based computing (SBC) offer the potential for a fundamental change in the way IT managers think about computing resources. When managing individual boxes becomes less of a challenge, the focus of IT can shift from the technology to the services the technology can provide.

Infrastructure Outsourcing
Jaggy's Infrastructure Outsourcing team works with clients to leverage IT infrastructure to achieve dramatic results in business performance and business transformation.

The Benefits

  • Reduced operational risks based on proven technology, standardized methodologies, and field-tested best practices.
  • Greater efficiencies with formalized methodologies backed by knowledge and experience gained from extensive engagements.
  • Enterprise-class experience and expertise with a direct link to industry-leading vendors as well as the proper expertise and skill sets required for successful deployment.
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