Enterprise Application Implementation

CRM and ERP Implementation
Jaggy works with you to develop the appropriate solution to achieve your goals. Our approach to Enterprise Application Implementation Services is to treat you as our strategic partner. We'll help you transform your business into an agile enterprise by implementing solutions for Oracle, SAP, Infor, Dynamics and other ERP systems that cost less to operate and maintain over the life of the application. And we take full advantage of standard product suite features and minimize customizations.

We don't just implement enterprise applications - we have the expertise to design, build and manage solutions that drive down your total cost of ownership and maximize your IT's business value. Our strategy of designing for run considers the function and expense of your IT systems and applications as a whole. It also charts a complete course to meet your goals and implement a measured modernization process while anticipating the cost of operating your entire system over its lifetime. In other words, we make sure every IT dollar counts.

Built on a foundation of proven capabilities including trained and certified resources, Jaggy solutions provide you with the flexibility and responsiveness you need to accommodate your company's growth and objectives while addressing ongoing business and technology changes. We can complete the task on time and within your budget without impacting your business operations. As a result, you'll achieve improved business processes and optimize your operational costs.

Application Implementation Methodology (AIM)
Today's businesses understand the value and importance of enterprise software solutions provided by companies like Oracle, SAP, Infor and IBM. Jaggy's Enterprise Application Implementation Services helps you get the most out of your investments with services that configure, implement and upgrade enterprise applications and technology. Use this service to:

  • Transform business processes using enterprise applications
  • Increase operational efficiency while reducing support services costs
  • Improve delivery of finance, accounting, logistics, human capital management, Supply Chain Management and Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) support services across the enterprise
With over 10 years of experience in implementing enterprise applications across a variety of business, Jaggy has evolved a robust implementation methodology. Our approach rests on 6 fundamental steps while addressing all stakeholders to the project.

Available Portfolio of Enterprise Application Implementation Services
  • Implementation Services – Helps transform your business by redesigning business processes as well as implementing and configuring best-in-class enterprise applications and technology.
  • Upgrade Services – Helps keep your enterprise software current with product and technology lifecycles, while taking advantage of new features developed for the enterprise system.
  • Consolidation Services – Streamlines number of ERP instances a client runs, leading to dramatic business and operational efficiencies.
  • Enhancement Services – Helps add new functionality to your existing enterprise system by enabling new modules or by integrating existing modules with other business functions.
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