Application Security

Information Security Services Overview
Jaggy provides managed security, risk and compliance, identity and access management services, and security professional services. Our information security practice offers a full line of security solutions that can be delivered as managed or professional services. With expertise in Governance and Compliance, Identity & Access Management, Data Protection, and Threat and Vulnerability Management, we help our clients identify, understand, and effectively deal with security issues before and after they occur.

Professional Services

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management - we can help you stay on top of it all with security program management, vulnerability assessments and scanning, PCI compliance support, and partner program management. A thorough security risk assessment is crucial to protecting your organization, as well as helping you manage costs, preserve flexibility, and maintain the data availability your business needs to compete successfully.
  • Identity and Access Management - we can help develop an identity management strategy, control help desk costs via self-serve account management, increase security by automating the management of authentication mechanisms, and facilitate access management by providing a centralized, authoritative source of user identities.
  • Data Protection - our data discovery, identification, and security classification service is designed to address your data security compliance requirements. Whether your data is "at rest" or travelling across the enterprise, we discover then classify it by accessing relevance and sensitivity - to ensure it is both secured and compliant with business requirements
  • Threat and Vulnerability Services - using a risk-based approach, we can develop a plan to protect your information assets in a way that correlates to the business' assets value

Managed Security Services
Jaggy' Managed Security Services mitigate the impact of security breaches to avoid data loss and business disruption, implement strong policies and controls that help address information security compliance requirements, and maintain customer trust and shareholder confidence. Our Managed Security Services (MSS) provide access to security knowledge, expertise, and best practices to design, implement, and maintain a secure IT infrastructure. MSS also provides prevention, detection, and reporting of security threats in a constantly changing landscape.

Jaggy has been recognized in the industry for our managed security services capabilities, and can put that expertise to work for you.

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