Value Comparison

Value Comparison
Jaggy's value proposition is simple. We reduce IT complexity, take the pain out of IT operations, improve the quality of services to end users and save customers money.

According to, the US average salary for an Oracle DBA with 7 years of experience is $97,672. Once you add the recruitment fee, management costs, benefits (healthcare, 401K), workstation, software licenses, and share of overheads, this figure can easily rise to over $140,000. For that you will get a single Oracle DBA, working on average 225 (1800 hours) days a year (holidays, sick\annual leave, training, etc.) and 8 hours per day.

Compare that with Jaggy's support plans, that will provide a whole team of DBAs working on a 24x7 basis for around $70,000 per year and it is easy to see how you can realize substantial cost reduction in excess of 50% . Our Bronze plans start from $30,000 per year, resulting in cost savings in excess of 75%. If you don't require comprehensive 24x7 support, constant monitoring and out of hours maintenance, we have support plans that start from as little as $950 per month.

Jaggy support operates on a 24x7x365 - this provides a fully resourced managed support service without having to worry about holidays, weekend coverage, absence management, and overtime. Do you want to pay 50% more in Support costs to achieve 50% less productivity?

Pay for What You Need
Driven by stalled economy and rising salaries, there has been a marked change in attitude among mid-market IT executives. Having spent the past four or five years with the pain of "we-can-do-this-in-house" model, they now realize they don't have to. Rapid changes in technology, shrinking IT budgets, and the fact that the compensation of a certified Oracle DBA have gotten close to the levels of the days have made it apparent to IT directors that they cannot afford any longer to do everything in-house. Why pay someone to sit around your office for 40 hours a week when you only need them 15 hours a month.

Taking Control
IT directors who were worried about giving up control, find that they have in fact given up headaches and overtime and are now able to take control of the creative, business-driven projects they did not have time for before turning to managed services. IT staff who feared that a commitment to managed services would result in the elimination of their jobs have found that Jaggy Managed Services eliminated the late-night calls and weekend/holiday calls, making it possible for them to concentrate on business initiatives that are both more challenging and more satisfying.

Ensuring Predictable Operations and Continuous Oracle Support
With the relatively high attrition rate for Oracle professionals, the average time in any role is less than three years. Jaggy DBA support guarantees you have a Certified Oracle DBA constantly monitoring your environment, ensuring there is no gap in service levels during periods of loss of internal resources, lengthy and costly recruitment or periods of staff induction.

Flexible Agreements
One of the most important aspects of working with Jaggy's Managed Services is, the customer gets to retain and maintain control. With JAGGY, our main focus is providing you with best communication, input and control of the process and services. Jaggy follows documented standard operating procedures. Our professionals have been in the trenches for a long time and can provide valuable input into how to make your environment safer, more secure, and less prone to failure. One of our unique Service Level guarantees an on-going database and applications improvement effort whereby we provide suggestions that help you keep up with the latest advances in technology. At any point if the company realizes the Managed Services are no longer required, the service contract can be canceled with 30 day notice. All service agreements are custom tailored to accommodate customer's special needs and customer specific requirements.

Robust Security Strategy
By out-tasking support to Jaggy, you can maintain a highly secure framework on which your data is managed, a guarantee you always get the maximum possible return on investment. Jaggy uses a plethora of measures to ensure that your systems are secure, such as: Oracle and Industry best practices, experience derived from serving U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence agencies achieve Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts (IAVA) compliance for their Oracle instances and across their networks, regular health and security checks to ensure security policies are enforced, reporting against new or emerging threats, and applying quarterly certified patch updates to address security vulnerabilities.

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