Transportation and Logistics Solutions Overview
Transportation and logistics organizations are undergoing a huge transformation to address new market opportunities driven by globalization. Every segment of the Transportation and Logistics industry - including railroad, pipelines, air transport, freight, and support services is under pressure for meeting greater customer expectations, improving return on investments, minimizing operating costs, and optimizing capacity.

Jaggy's Transportation and Logistics solutions practice helps companies face these challenges by providing key service offerings including:

  • Fleet Management
  • Freight Payment, Billing, and Claims
  • Forwarding and Brokerage Operations
  • Transportation Intelligence
  • Logistics Inventory Visibility
  • Transportation Cooperative Routing
  • Transportation Operational Planning
  • Transportation Sourcing

The Transportation and Logistics practice at Jaggy offers end-to-end IT services and solutions which create operational superiority and strategic differentiation for our customers.

Our Transportation and Logistics practice primarily focuses on freight transportation and consumer travel, covering the following sub segments - Freight (Air, Rail, Marine), Trucking, Logistics (3PL\4PL), Forwarders, NVOCCs, CFS/Intermodal Terminal Operators, Passenger Rail and Mass Transit, Airports and Ground Handling companies, etc.

Strategic technology partnership and alliances with Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and SAP, strengthen Jaggy's value proposition further.

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