Third Party and Bespoke Services

Third Party and Bespoke Outsourcing Services Overview
After the implementation phase is finished and the vendor's support period has ended, some businesses may struggle to manage application downtime or system malfunction.

The vendor may discontinue support of your application, move into other areas of business or even go into liquidation. All of these scenarios could pose a serious risk to your business practices and result in a significant loss to productivity.

Jaggy can prolong the lifecycle of such applications and improve your ROI by offering all-encompassing support for your application - regardless of its importance or frequency of use.

From mission critical finance systems, to a rarely used legacy application - you can be sure to benefit from the same supreme level of industry leading expertise and outstanding service that our clients have come to expect.

Offering varying levels of support, we can be as proactive or reactive as your particular circumstances suit. For some clients we provide a fully managed service with minutes response times, for others we fix problems on a reactive basis in the event of a single problem.

Either way, our highly skilled developers and application specialists can minimize the business risk attributed to running unsupported applications. Jaggy ensure that by keeping these systems live, they continue to meet your business requirements and form an important part of your wider IT stack.

Key Benefits:

  • Tailored support options - from reactive assistance to fully managed, pro-active support
  • Specialists across all major development languages, including Java, PL/SQL, C++
  • Experience with both bespoke developments and customizations

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