Accelerate Business Transformation, Generate New Revenue Streams, Increase Operational Efficiency
The telecommunications industry has experienced more change in the last decade than in its entire history. In 1999, only 15 percent of the world's population had access to a telephone; by 2009, nearly 70 percent had mobile phone subscriptions. Communication Service Providers (CSP) face numerous challenges today: increased competition, rapidly changing market demands, pressure to launch more offerings faster, control of operational expense, and strengthening customer relationships. One of the keys to successfully navigating these challenges is to view them holistically while focusing on the highest impact areas. The creation of an integrated offer design and order delivery environment that quickly responds to changing business demands and fulfills customer commitments is now possible. Jaggy's solutions allow CSPs to design front and back operations, capture and manage order provisioning tasks efficiently and provide complete end-to-end visibility into order processes. The results are:

  • Faster system implementation and time to market
  • Shorter order cycle time
  • Lower OPEX through elimination of service based silos

Jaggy provides integration of product based, rapid offer design and delivery solution that cost-effectively speeds offer introduction and enables accurate order delivery.

Jaggy's telecommunications industry practice offers consulting and integration services and demonstrated leadership based on extensive practical experience. With emphasis on deep domain knowledge across OSS/BSS, technology and functional expertise, targeted services, and a proven delivery model, Jaggy helps CSPs gain new agility in responding to change.

Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Telecommunications Framework

Jaggy's telecommunications solutions help:

  • Optimize business performance by delivering accurate, real-time view of critical information, from customer trends, sales forecasts, and financial results to network inventory and performance
  • Drive efficiency and control in all aspects of business operations, from budget and planning to financial and regulatory reporting
  • Improve customer satisfaction, build brand loyalty, and maximize the profitability
  • Provide a complete solution that helps service providers accelerate the end-to-end process for next-generation services, from "concept to cash"
  • Accelerate business and IT transformation by leveraging capabilities that include enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), service fulfillment, service delivery, and billing and revenue management
  • Integrate innovative software solutions that put the service provider in control

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