Technology Solutions

Jaggy technology solutions offering assesses different technology strategies for clients. These strategies are then structured - through strategic, architectural, operational and implementation roadmaps - to complement business goals and objectives.

Jaggy's IT Infrastructure experts help organizations develop, implement, and manage IT networks, platforms, facilities, and services for improved operations, reduced costs, and information integration. Our team consists of leading experts from industry and government who combine extensive infrastructure technology experience with insight into clients' mission needs and operational challenges. In addition, a significant number of our professionals hold Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certifications, allowing us to deliver exceptional results through strong management and quality control processes.

Our IT Infrastructure Solutions experts are focused on developing and implementing solutions that enable our clients to improve operations, reduce costs, and maximize resources. Our major capability areas include:

Technology Selection - Successful information technology solutions are scalable, reliable, secure and cost-effective. Jaggy's team can help address the challenges of implementing end-to-end enterprise technology solutions for your business. We bring the right mix of hard-earned experience and innovative thinking needed to help you plan, implement and support your end-to-end, multi-vendor technology infrastructure.

Our team of professionals can manage an organization's entire enterprise implementation, or contract for select services. We work with our clients to design solutions most appropriate to each one's needs.

Strategy and Planning - We help our clients develop a comprehensive strategy for successfully implementing new technologies across the enterprise. We will assess your current technology infrastructure, understand your current and future technology needs, and formulate a solution design and cohesive deployment strategy to meet your computing needs.

We will work with you to develop network and interoperability requirements; multi-product integration plans; and data, and system management strategies. We also have the expertise necessary to assist your business in developing a comprehensive information security strategy. Through our strategic partnership with IBM, RedHat, Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco, NetIQ, and VMWare, we provide companies with a full line of Internet, business, and network security solutions. From security policy and firewall implementation, to threat monitoring and intrusion detection, Jaggy provides a comprehensive set of information security services to address your specific security concerns.

We offer a comprehensive suite of change management planning, organizational readiness, risk assessment, communication planning, and skills management. We will work with you to implement strategies for helping your employees fully and more quickly integrate new systems and processes into their work and experience less business disruption during times of change.

Design and Deployment - An overall enterprise information architecture provides the framework for guiding information systems development in line with strategic business goals. Jaggy offers clients a wide range of Information Technology services to design and deploy enterprise technology infrastructures in diverse computing environments. We help clients migrate from legacy platforms to more efficient computing architectures and assist them in effectively integrating new cloud computing and collaboration technologies into their operations.

Security - Jaggy offers a full suite of solutions to enhance security practices, reduce vulnerabilities and risks, meet regulatory compliance, and provide an enterprise security strategy. Our solutions include a comprehensive, objective review of the presence and effectiveness of security controls in your organization.

Business Resiliency - Jaggy offers solutions in the three main areas of Business Resilience:

  • Disaster Recovery - Jaggy will engage with you to develop disaster recovery plans and conduct exercise coordination and plan testing.
  • Business Continuity - Jaggy services include business impact and risk analysis, business continuity strategies and planning, and education and exercises.
  • High Availability - Jaggy offers solutions, regardless of platform, that help to achieve true 24x7 data processing capability.

Skills Assessment and Training - To help our clients successfully adopt and integrate new processes, roles, and responsibilities, we provide a unique blend of skills management and training services. We help identify users, roles, and group responsibilities, and assess skills and develop strategies to address any gaps.

We design and develop tailored organizational training plans that provide development for each employee and conduct the training to complete the knowledge transfer process.

Systems Management - In today's rapidly changing Information Technology environment, the need for robust and reliable computing infrastructures is creating new challenges for companies. We offer a comprehensive set of enterprise infrastructure and systems management services to help you manage the complex, multi-vendor Information Technology and systems infrastructure that is crucial to your business.

Our professionals support complex and secure network infrastructures through a team of highly trained specialists geared to proactively monitor, manage, secure, and optimize data systems and multi-vendor computer networks. Our team consists of enterprise network specialists, support engineers, and database administrators with extensive real world experience and superior product knowledge who have received extensive training and certifications from vendors such as Oracle, IBM, Red Hat, HP, Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco, Brocade, F5, EMC, NetApp, VMWare, NETIQ and others.

We have the expertise, proven methodologies, and tools to help you effectively manage your Information Technology investments, improve operations and performance, achieve your availability objectives, and avoid problems that can cost you time and money.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us.