Technical Capability

Technical Capabilities Overview
Established in 1999, Jaggy Inc. is a leading small business committed to delivering tangible benefits from technology-driven business transformation. We assist clients with the design, build and management aspects of their transformation to on demand e-government and e-businesses. This includes multi-delivery options, integration of new and emerging technologies, and leveraging open standards such as Web Services. Our primary goal is to position our clients for long-term success.

Jaggy Inc. is a provider of custom developed solutions based on Oracle and SAP technology. Our deep technical knowledge of Oracle and SAP technologies combined with a detailed project management and technical methodology allow our consultants to provide Oracle solutions faster than any other professional services company.

Each of our consultants is well versed in our detailed project methodology which includes skills in the areas of Enterprise Modeling, Database Design & Development, and Application Design & Development.

Our e-business services, listed on the top navigation, can be provided incrementally or as part of an overall IT partnership.

Jaggy Advantage
bulletRapid Implementation Methodology
bulletCombined strategic vision with pragmatic approach
bulletProven delivery capabilities
bulletScalable and flexible platform to support initial and long-range targets
bulletCustom solutions targeted to enhance organization's advantage

Jaggy Solutions Model
bulletCommon User Interface
bulletSecured Communications
bulletRapid Development
bulletPrototype / Pilot approach for validation
bulletModular development designed for full integration