Support Tools

Online Support Portal
Jaggy's Online Support Portal is a web based issue tracking system allowing both clients and Jaggy staff to enter, update, track and resolve issues. In addition, the Portal acts as a central coordination point for task management, issue history, reporting, and real-time updates. The ability to share real-time information with clients is an important strategic advantage of Jaggy. Every request you submit, every activity that's been performed on your managed instances will be documented and available around the clock. The Support Portal provides a time tracking system which enables us to report against Service Level Agreements and track time against customer projects.

Proactive Monitoring
Depending on the client's environment and type of Oracle instances (Database, RAC, E-Business), MS SQL Server or MySQL Enterprise, Jaggy database specialists will deploy either Oracle Grid Control or a combination of tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager, Ignite, TOAD DBA Suite, and Oracle UXinsight, SQL Server Enterprise Manager or MySQL Enterprise Monitor. Notification alerts are rated based on the severity state (critical or warning), and sent out to the designated support staff via e-mail detailing issues that require attention.

Performance Tuning
Many of notification alerts from our monitoring tools pertain to performance. While performance problems seldom cause a major system outage, they can still cause an outage to a subset of customers. Outages of this type are commonly referred to as application service brownouts. The primary cause of brownouts is the intermittent or partial failure of one or more infrastructure components. Jaggy's DBA team uses performance baseline (derived from normal operation that meet the SLA), and sets notification alerts to monitor and proactively resolve infrastructure component failures. In addition to the traditional approach to database tuning that involves collecting and analyzing volumes of data, Jaggy's DBAs use performance tuning practices such as wait-time analysis, that are tied directly to end-user service levels and improvements in operating efficiency.

Knowledge Base
Jaggy's Web-based central repository tracks all issues and is used as a knowledge base for all support staff. All issues and issue resolutions related to a client are stored and accessible by all Jaggy authorized support staff.

Phone and Web-based Help Desk
Jaggy's 24x7 US-based Help Desk provides you with best of breed support. It enables our clients to reach out to their named primary and secondary support personnel that are already familiar with the client's environment. This provides an effective understanding of business processes and issues and transparent integration of our DBAs with client's operations.

Management Reports
Jaggy provides customized Management Reports detailing support activities, support tickets raised, issue resolution status, instances availability, patches applied, and Database Managed instance findings and recommendations. Each report includes high level management summary, providing you with all the specifics related to your systems performance

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