Microsoft SharePoint / MOSS

Microsoft SharePoint® has taken root as a popular platform in many enterprises. Many organizations are using SharePoint in some manner, and the outliers are still giving it a hard look. A rich set of features and configurability endear SharePoint to IT departments, while business stakeholders continue to be drawn to SharePoint's consumer-grade user experience capabilities and web content management. SharePoint is a powerful platform that can support Internet-facing sites, enterprise portals, and more narrowly, collaboration or Line of Business portals. Some of our clients are on their second-generation of SharePoint-based enterprise portals and are evaluating SharePoint Online or other cloud computing offerings, while others are getting their feet wet with SharePoint as a workgroup and content management tool.

Jaggy's SharePoint Services
Despite its flexibility and power, SharePoint implementations can be challenging and, if handled ineffectively, they can take considerably more time and money. Jaggy brings a unique blend of talent, experience and methodologies to ensure the best possible ROI for our clients.

Some key solutions in our SharePoint / Collaboration practice area include:

  • Web Content Management: Jaggy has built a robust and flexible Web Content Management (WCM) platform utilizing SharePoint's core content management and presentation framework capabilities. This platform simplifies the content management process using SharePoint's document types, retention polices, and automatic content sorting, all with the familiar tools within Microsoft Office.
  • Communities and Collaboration: SharePoint includes various features for integration with e-mail, calendars, tasks, blogs and so on. Jaggy will work with you to ensure your implementation is optimized for the way your employees want to collaborate and share ideas.
  • Web Sites and Portals: Team and group site creation, managing projects, sharing documents and publishing information for internal or external consumption are just a few of SharePoint's web and portal site capabilities. Jaggy will help ensure you are taking advantage of the features that map to your objectives and that your implementation supports the privacy and security rules of your business.
  • Faceted Search: SharePoint has enabled a robust search engine. Jaggy has a proven methodology for designing and implementing information architecture for SharePoint content that allows searching across the enterprise with just a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Complex Workflow Implementation: Jaggy has deep expertise in complicated workflow development and can enable multi-step complex business processes involving integration across the enterprise.
  • Business Intelligence: Finding the information you need to make smart decisions is penultimate. Jaggy ensures SharePoint implementations align business information with company objectives and structures to help ensure the right people have access to the correct information to make the best decisions quickly. SharePoint business intelligence features include KPIs and dashboards, familiar spreadsheets, BI web parts, visual data and the report center.

Jaggy Advantage
With Jaggy, you will discover the ultimate value behind your SharePoint investment, learning how it can work with your existing environment and beyond. Key strengths include:

  • System Integration Expertise: We have deep experience in architecting SOA visions and solutions for clients. Our versatility and depth of experience allows us to come in and work at an enterprise level in connecting a SharePoint solution with as many systems as necessary.
  • Proven Strategy for SharePoint Governance: Jaggy has completed several projects involving the creation of an internal SharePoint service offering, including development of governance plans, information architectures, service level agreements, performance metrics, as well as support models and organizational taxonomy structures.
  • Microsoft Software and .Net Knowledge: Jaggy has skilled developers and architects that build complex solutions using Microsoft products such as SharePoint, BizTalk, MS SQL Server, etc. We have also built many custom solutions using .NET, including custom web parts.
  • Business Process Optimization:Our consulting team has experience documenting and streamlining business processes in various areas across multiple SharePoint projects. This ability, paired with our knowledge of SharePoint's versatility and ability to optimize processes through online collaboration, is one key to our clients' successes.

Business Benefits
Through effective collaboration tools, organizations can benefit from reduced IT and maintenance costs, increased productivity and user satisfaction, more streamlined and efficient business processes and, ultimately, greater business agility.

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