Social CRM

The evolution of social media and other Web 2.0 tools is having a significant impact on both how consumers interact with companies and the level of control such companies have over the sales, marketing and service of their products.

More and more organizations are turning to social CRM and social media to increase both the quality and quantity of communication and engagement with their constituencies. While social CRM and social media allow organizations to both serve and leverage their constituencies in new ways, it must be integrated into an overall business and marketing strategy for the organization.

Competitive brands understand that they need to do more than simply manage relationships. They need to engage in the conversation - and this means social participation. Social CRM (SCRM) is the practice of tapping into social networks to improve marketing, sales and service processes and results - and Jaggy has more applied expertise in this niche than any of our competitors.

Jaggy SCRM Services
Apart from comprehensive standard CRM services, we offer the following services specific to social CRM:

  • Assessment of CRM enterprise landscape for opportunity and readiness
  • Business-focused social CRM strategy and roadmap consulting
  • Implementation and integration of social engagement capabilities with CRM eco-system inclusive of:
    • Social communities
    • Social listening and monitoring
    • Social analytics
    • Social customer profile management
    • Social CRM activities
  • Social CRM related technology evaluation
  • Business value management for social CRM

Jaggy's Social CRM/Media Implementation Process

  1. Understand the overall business strategy
  2. Define the audience
  3. Determine goals/concepts for community
  4. Select vendor/tools
  5. Engage customers
  6. Set metrics
  7. Execute against plan
  8. Assess results and make improvements

Key Benefits
Jaggy focuses on the business benefits of social media. So in addition to tracking participation metrics such as number of registrations, content, page views, responsiveness, thread depth, and number/frequency of posting activity, Jaggy works closely with our clients to define measurable business benefits. Over time, social media communities have shown measurable business benefits, with community members purchasing around 50% more than non-members, and members showing a much higher degree of engagement with their organizations. Business benefits can include increased revenue through greater client intimacy and outreach, cost avoidance/cost reduction by moving client support on-line, increased brand awareness due to enhanced thought leadership, and less expensive and more successful product development resulting from the use of market research forums.

Our implementation services help you navigate the maze of vendors, tools, and resources available in the market to create a social CRM and social media strategy that supports your business goals, provides measurable business benefits, leverages internal resources and assets in new ways, and most important, engages your constituencies in a way that builds a successful community. Once you have implemented your community, we typically provide on-going moderation services and a comprehensive analysis of the success of your social CRM efforts.

Jaggy applies a unique approach that allows organizations to get into social CRM and social media in a very cost-effective and tightly controlled way. To learn more about Jaggy's Social CRM/Media services, please contact us.