Gartner estimates that business IT systems cost of ownership is second only in cost to Human Resources. Getting a good grip on your IT cost and effectiveness is not easy. With the myraid of technical requirements, personnel turnover and technological advancements, having an IT infrastructure management partner you can trust is critical to your business.

Jaggy ROI calculator helps you estimate your technology costs compared to Jaggy's IT Outsourcing. The outcome is based on an estimate of costs over a four year period. The calculation results in a value that represents the benefits received from implementing the Jaggy IT Outsourcing compared to your current approach.

Enter the data below (please enter only numbers, no $ or % signs):


Current estimated monthly IT costs
Total estimated IT costs over 4 years
Estimated monthly savings using the JAGGY IT Outsourcing
Total estimated savings using the JAGGY IT Outsourcing over 4 years      


Additional benefits with the JAGGY IT Outsourcing

  • One point of contact for payment, management, and support
  • Improved security to protect your company's most important assets
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance to ensure stability
  • Unlimited, real-time support whenever needed for no additional fees
  • SPAM filtering to improve employee productivity
  • Standards-based computing environment that improves resolution time
  • Remote data backup for additional data protection
  • Automatic updates for virus protection at the PC, server, and e-mail gateway


  • The employee salary burden rate is estimated at 30%.
  • The ROI tool is based on a 48 month computing lifecycle.
  • Jaggy will improve productivity losses by an average of 50%.
  • Overall costs include equipment, Microsoft productivity applications, support costs, and lost productivity.

It is important to note that this is an estimate. Every company has unique needs and many of the benefits you will receive from our solution are intangible. Please contact us to speak with a consultant.