Consumer Products and Retail

Meeting the demands of the smarter consumer
Today's consumers are more enlightened and empowered than ever. And they are placing ever-greater demands on their retailers to either "get it right" or lose their business. Keeping pace with today's empowered consumers is essential for the retailer hoping for long-term prosperity. Consumers will expect anytime access to the information, products and services they want. And those retailers that deliver what they demand will thrive. Smarter consumers will thus produce smarter retailers, retailers that are better equipped to win a bigger share of the minds, hearts and wallets of the consumers they delight.

Shoppers are the heartbeat of any retail business. So it's no wonder that retailers are eyeing increased customer intimacy and channel expansion as long-term revenue drivers. Our retail practice can help you build stronger connections with customers, while keeping a tight rein on costs and gaining better operational efficiency.

An array of solutions and services for every type of retailer - from department stores, discounters, and grocers to specialty stores - and at every level of operation. Jaggy provides consumer products and retail industry solutions including merchandising and supply chain management, operations, shopping experience, Customer Relationship Management, e-commerce, and business intelligence.

In addition to our deep industry experience, we maintain longstanding partnerships with top software companies, such as Oracle, SAP, and Ariba, to help you optimize your investment in these industry-leading applications.

Integrated, business-centric approach
We implement the IT solutions that will achieve your desired business outcome, whether it's offering better promotions and prices, making product improvements or increasing the share of wallet of a customer. Our implementation team, which is a mix of industry experts, business analysts and technical experts, ensures that you achieve the desired business results.

  • Business Consulting and Delivery Services - Jaggy provides package implementation, application development and services to help retailers respond to challenging customer buying behaviors, align organizational structure and goals, and transform customer-centric processes.
  • Retail Industry Solutions - Jaggy offers a comprehensive portfolio of Customer Products and Retail solutions comprising merchandising and supply chain management, multi-channel retailing, retail performance analytics and e-commerce solutions to help retailers deliver the fastest time to value at the lowest risk.
  • Center of Competency - Jaggy helps retailers make the best use of technology to reduce inefficiencies, streamline costs, aid product development and speed go-to-market activities.

Focus on our customers - We focus intently on our customers, as you do on yours. Let us apply our industry-leading services and solutions to align your processes and IT foundation with your strategic business goals.

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