Seaport-e Quality Assurance Program

Jaggy Inc. has a proven ability to provide the highest quality service to its clients through an in-house quality program called the Corporate Quality Assurance Plan.  Jaggy Inc. Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) embraces the following principles:

The customer is the ultimate determiner of quality
Quality requires continuous monitoring and improvement
Quality results from solution team member that understand the project requirements and deliverables

Jaggy Board of Directors and Project Managers are held responsible for the implementation of these principles on every Jaggy project. Directors and Managers work closely with key corporate staff to ensure each project and client receive the most responsive service possible.

Jaggy Inc. QAP addresses the three main components of quality. The first is the actual quality of the deliverable or service provided. The other two elements of quality are the timeliness with which the product or service is delivered and that it is delivered within budget. In short, we strive to deliver products and services that meet or exceed the client's expectations, on time and within budget.

Continuous Process Improvement
Deliverables are subjected to a continuous review and improvement process that ultimately results in delivery of the best product possible. Once a discrete tasking is received by the Project Manager to create a product, the Project Manager and contract or administrative professional meet, coordinate and/or discuss the tasking to ensure a firm understanding of the requirement, establish a timeline for review and edit, and determine the date of delivery. The overall quality of the deliverable is examined for accuracy, completeness, technical and grammatical content during scheduled reviews by the Project Manager and staff member(s) performing the task to ensure what is being created is fully compliant with the client expectations. Annotated outlines and drafts are provided to the Government to solicit feedback for comments, suggestions, and overall content. Following final review by the project manager and staff member(s), the deliverable receives a "final review" with the government to ensure it meets Jaggy and client standards, and any corrections or edits are applied immediately. Continuous review and improvement is paramount to a high quality deliverable. For new personnel, we assign a mentor who assists the staff member through the deliverable process, to ensure it is accomplished "right" the first time.

Contract Performance Monitoring
Jaggy Inc. uses procedures, automated tools and a proactive management philosophy to track productivity on projects, defects in deliverables, and overall project performance. In our quality assurance efforts, the Jaggy Team strives to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction by applying metrics to contract performance through accounting and project management, network management, service delivery, and quality assured deliverables. Metrics are quantitative indicators that measure various parameters and characteristics that can be used as performance indicators. Through metrics we report, review, calculate, record, and revise contract performance indicators to include scheduling, labor resources, and delivery parameters. We develop and apply metrics to rank and evaluate our responsiveness to proactively manage projects. We utilize and refine our delivery approach by efficiently and effectively using quality tested standard operating procedures, implementation plans, and checklists. Our stringent Corporate Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) review process for document contract deliverables ensures the customer gets what they want when they want it the first time.

Contract Accounting and Project Management
The Jaggy Solutions Team utilizes procedures and automated tools to track, monitor, manage and perform quality assurance (QA) on contract productivity, deliverables, and performance. The Project Manager performs a QA function at least quarterly reviewing all corporate contracts and recording contract performance metrics used to quantitatively assess the success of a contract in terms of productivity, deliverables, and overall performance. We employ a proactive management philosophy in which we maximize the use of automated network management tools to discover and correct trouble areas before they become serious problems to be reactively addressed.

Approach to Guarantee Customer Satisfaction
Jaggy Inc. conducts customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis to monitor and measure customer satisfaction. We review customer responses in categories like Overall Quality, On-Time Delivery, Staff Competency, Staff Attitude, Ease of Doing Business, and Overall Satisfaction.

Approach to Problem Resolution
Major difficulties and Problem Areas are preventable. If risk analysis is performed correctly with mitigation actions "in place" and there is a management focus on anticipating a problem area, analyzing the potential weaknesses and root causes, and applying change to achieve mitigation, then recovery in performance, cost or schedule is achievable. No organization or company is perfect. Jaggy realizes that problems can occur, in different levels of severity, and employs solutions that meet not only the company's high standards but also the client's expectations. Good client-service provider communications is key to identifying what is going well, but also what, if anything is not going well and needs attention. Our Project Managers, in most cases, work directly on the project that they manage, supervising their employees in the same workspace and have daily interface with acquisition related tasks, suspense dates, and work products. Our managers are able to identify a problem immediately and take corrective action. They are also trained to anticipate a shortcoming before it becomes a major difficulty, and take corrective action whether it is personnel or resource related.