Project Management Services

Project Management Services Overview
Jaggy Project Management Services will dramatically simplify your implementation using a combination of expertise and industry-standard best practices, including Project Management Institute methodologies and processes. By coordinating and managing all project-related activities, a dedicated Jaggy project manager will work directly with your in-house project management team to get your solution in place and online in less time. Let Jaggy ensure your solution works precisely as you expect from day one.

  • End-to-end project management of your Jaggy related projects such as an interface architecture change, a site move, a major upgrade, a hubbing / centralization project.
  • Single point of contact during the lifecycle of the Jaggy project for project related advice.
  • Overseeing the administrative functions of a Jaggy project, e.g. providing assistance with the ordering, provisioning, and on-boarding of corporate customers.
  • Delivery is carried out by certified project managers experienced in managing Jaggy related projects.

Jaggy offers the following Project Management Services:

  • Project Assistance - Project assistance may be required when you need help during your Jaggy related projects to define a detailed planning, create comprehensive action lists and complete the required administrative tasks. Typically this is the case when there is a major change to the infrastructure like the set-up of a new site or a move from one data center to another.
  • Project Engineering - Just like any other project, Jaggy projects are split up in phases each with their different activities. Through a single point of contact for technical assistance, our consultants can help to provide project specific advice during all phases of the project.
  • Project Management and Execution - In some cases, you may want to outsource the project oversight for all activities in your Jaggy related projects. The Project Management service provides seasoned and certified Jaggy Project Managers who will take ownership of your project. The Project Manager will define the project plan, plan the project activities, determine the required systems, coordinate the required staff, and follow-up on issues.
  • Program Management - When you require Jaggy to oversee a set of projects rather than a single one, we can assign a Program Manager. This is usually a very senior project manager experienced in managing multiple interdependent projects and a multitude of contributors and parties.

Please contact us for additional information on Jaggy Project Management services.