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Partners Program Overview
We designed our Partner Programs with you in mind. Whether you're selling with us or building our services into your solutions, you get full-scale support. Your goals are ours. And we're ready to prove it with one-on-one support, premier managed services and reward options.

How it works
Do you ever have clients or potential clients who may need quality managed services? If so, join our partner program and earn money for each referral. Our resale options are flexible to suit you and your clients' needs. We can offer different resale and partner reward treatments for each of your clients, to maximize the benefit to you.

Resale options

  • Service Rebadging - We can supply our services under your company name. We can manage our relationship with your client either directly as representatives of your company, or via your own staff.
  • Transparent Subcontracting - We can supply all our services under our name. We can manage our relationship with your client either directly, or via your own staff.

Reward options
Our partner reward options are as follows:

  • Perpetual Commission - For ongoing work (such as support contracts), we can pay a percentage commission on all revenues for the entire life of the managed services contract.
  • One-off Lump Sum - For ongoing work and one-off jobs, we can pay a lump sum referral reward.

Please contact us for additional information on our partners program.