IT Outsourcing

Top Reasons to Choose JAGGY IT Outsourcing Services

100% Onshore Service
Keep American Jobs in America. When you partner with Jaggy, rest assured that your Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or DB2 Database(s) will be serviced by Jaggy's U.S.-based consultants and DBAs - not an overseas subcontractor. By utilizing our U.S.-based employees instead of off-shoring, Jaggy is able to closely monitor its intensive DBA screening process, thereby guaranteeing reliable quality of service and security for your proprietary information. In addition, we provide cleared consultants and DBAs for Government agencies and private sector.

Experienced and Certified Professionals
Jaggy's distinguished teams of Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and DB2Database Administration experts have the real–world experience and technical knowledge to proactively and securely manage your business-critical Database(s). Most of our DBAs have over 15 years of experience, and have been servicing Oracle since version 3 and Microsoft databases since Microsoft SQL Server 6.5.

Guaranteed Service
No other company out there provides the level of guarantees that we provide. We are so certain of our service that we are willing to provide money-back guarantees if we fail to meet our service level agreements. Our comprehensive service level agreements, combined with our standard operating procedures, allow clients to choose the level of support necessary for each database.

Constant Care
Jaggy Remote DBA provides a level of security to IT executives that are tough to match with internal resources. Our Constant Care policy ensures someone is always on watch, with no hassles to you about employee turnover, vacation time, nights and weekend coverage. We have you covered. And we provide a level of personal care that is unmatched among outsourced solutions. Our DBAs carry cell phones 24 hours a day and are automatically paged by our DB Alerts in the case of a problem. All of this allows you to maximize your IT investments by keeping your databases at peak efficiency at all times.

Cross Database and Cross Platform Support
Most companies today have multiple database environments throughout their IT network running on multiple operating systems. Unlike many outsourced database providers that specialize in only one type of database, Jaggy provides support for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, on a variety of platforms including UNIX, Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows. Jaggy has an entire team of specialists that work together to provide a strong core of know-how in a variety of database environments. And through relationships with the major database providers we have insider access to the latest development and release schedules for database products. This helps us to anticipate the road ahead and provide our customers with better solutions.

Proactive vs. Reactive Service
Our team members meet regularly, both internally and with clients, in a constant effort to improve our performance and help anticipate database issues before they become real problems. Our focus on your database's health ensures that we don't get sidetracked on other issues, the way that internal resources sometimes can. We are proactive in our approach and that allows us to detect and resolve most database issues before they impact your business.

An Entire Team
Jaggy's experts know your Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, or DB2 database(s) inside and out. We have learned from experience that the call–center or 'bull-pen' approach does not work: we use an assigned–team approach. Jaggy assigns a team to each client - 1 primary DBA, 1 secondary DBA and an additional support team of Applications/Operating Systems experts who have learned the nuances of your business.

Why Does It Cost Less
Remote database administration is a whole new paradigm from working with an in-house DBA… it is a complete solution. When you pay an internal DBA, you pay salary, benefits, and 401K packages. You also pay for vacation, sick days, holidays, and training days. When you buy a single consultant, you get only a single set of database knowledge and skill.

With remote administration you pay a set monthly service fee that is, on average, 30-50% less than the costs of a fully loaded DBA. For that service fee you get 100% coverage by a team of expert DBAs with a broad range of database experience. We give you a dedicated lead DBA who is backed by a whole team of certified DBAs. You set the level of service you expect for each database instance… and we meet those service levels… guaranteed.

Prevent In-House DBA Burnout
If maintaining your current DBAs is important, Jaggy will supplement their strengths, alleviate unmanageable burdens and prevent in–house DBA burnout. Studies have shown that it takes a new hire well over 18 months to become fully effective. For companies without in–house DBAs, we provide a full Database Administration solution at a very affordable price.

Fixed Monthly Cost
With declining Information Technology (IT) budgets, the cost of hiring and retaining full–time DBAs or consultants can pose significant fiscal challenges. Jaggy will enable your company to move forward with your IT initiatives while concurrently saving precious capital. With Jaggy's service, you receive an assigned team of experts using best–of–breed technologies while realizing cost savings typically ranging from 40–60% in the first year. With Jaggy, you will never have to worry about hidden fees: our fixed monthly fees means predictable costs that you can plan around.

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