Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce Management Overview
For electric, gas, pipeline, and water/wastewater utilities providers, the geospatial nature of product delivery demands a high level of service response time. Mobile workforce management/mobile resource management solutions in tandem with utility mapping capabilities from Jaggy allow organizations to realize shorter resolution times for improved outage management and more.

Utilities providers meet a crucial need for the general public. Often success in the field is measured by the ability to offer continual service. In the event of inclement weather, accidents, or premeditated intent, organization's mobile resource management capabilities are essential in providing the service customers expect and the revenue opportunity that functioning service offers.

Jaggy's mobile resource management solutions provide new extensive capabilities for utilities providers across a range of utility offerings.

Mobile Data Collection
Jaggy offers solutions that encompass line of business applications, using rugged, reliable, mobile equipment and technology solutions to include:

  • Integration with ERP and SCM systems
  • Mobile devices supporting integrated barcode scanners, geolocation, cameras, and signature capture
  • Mobile access to business applications
  • Applications for work orders, materials management, shipping, delivery, inspection, and time management
  • Leverage of device-specific auto-ID technologies and data collection features

Embedded Applications for Mobility
Jaggy provides implementation of middleware and embedded software for manufacturers and service providers across industry segments, including:

  • Integration, deployment, and maintenance
  • Middleware development for handheld device
  • Deployment prototyping
  • Validation & verification, simulation, and testing

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