Microfinance and Community Banking
Microfinance and Community Banking
Microfinance and community banking offers those on low incomes access to basic financial services such as loans, savings, money transfers and micro insurance. Playing a major role in the development of nations across Asia, Africa and Latin America, microfinance actively supports the sources of income that help people climb steadily out of poverty while improving living conditions and opportunities for their families.

Including non-bank financial institutions, credit unions, co-operative banks, building societies and smaller commercial, microfinance also includes major banks that recognize the strategic value of extending their reach to new customers in the developing world. The market is growing worldwide and is already worth over US$80 billion. But how do you provide a quality microfinance service with a robust, flexible and scalable banking software infrastructure while at the same time keeping a tight rein on costs? You do this by working with a partner who understands the specialized needs of microfinance and has the right banking software solutions that are proven, efficient and cost-effective.

Facilities of Interest to Community Banks include:
  • Prospect and live customer
  • Peer and relationship lending
  • Exception based payments and batch-payment processing
  • Contract and account-based lending
  • Flat interest methodology
  • Investor funds tracking to report on fund management
  • Workflow processing and cash-flow reporting
  • Product designer for creating new products
  • Report and inquiry writing tools
  • Comprehensive charges and interest set up
  • Management of loans written off and bad debt recovered
  • Store / track inquiries and applications until they become live customers
  • Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-tenant capability
  • 24x7 processing and electronic delivery channels
  • Pre-build standard interfaces

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