IT Contract Management Services

IT Contract Management Services Overview
IT contracts come in many forms. There are software licenses, hardware leases, subscription to online services, maintenance and service agreements, and warranties - just to name a few. Each of these IT contracts includes different terms and conditions, and may be acquired through various different sources (directly from vendor, through a reseller, OEM partner, etc.). This makes accurate tracking and maintenance a complex challenge for any organization.

As many organizations manually manage the very technology assets that are directly related to those contracts, the ability to correlate agreements to their hardware and software inventory in order to ensure adherence to all contract guidelines is nearly impossible. For example, companies that have not automated their IT asset management processes often lose track of systems when they are reallocated or reassigned. This, in turn, can hinder software license compliance and put them at significant risk.

Key Benefits
IT Contract Management can help reduce the cost of administering your hardware inventory, improve security and ensure you are always ready for your next IT audit.

  • Reduce wasteful IT expenditures by knowing exactly what is needed, and purchase licenses in accordance with specific business requirements.
  • Minimize the risks associated with poor software license management by identifying and correcting compliance gaps.
  • Reduce IT costs by better managing and administering IT hardware and software assets.
  • Improve vendor relationships by more efficiently managing contract renewals.
  • Enhance IT budget management by better tracking upcoming contract expiration dates, allowing additional time for competitive bids or more economical solutions.

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