Information as a Service

Information as a Service Overview
Information as a Service (IaaS) is a proven approach to efficient service provision. Thinking about information and data as separate from the processes that use them is one key element. This relatively low cost approach will enable departments to maximize service quality and provide cost savings. It is also an essential step if cloud computing is being considered.

Information service provides a simplified, integrated view of real-time, high-quality information about a specific business entity, such as a customer or product. Information is provided in the form needed, including XML, SQL tables, or files. Information is often delivered through SOA infrastructure.

Jaggy can help you develop a strategy for SOA that focuses on information as a service. Through a lifecycle approach we can help your business capture, organize, integrate, transform, analyze, and use information to create insight within a SOA environment. Information as a service encompasses a range of software, services and solutions to address the appropriate starting point for your business:

  • Content Management - build consistent and reusable services for integrated content.
  • Business Intelligence - Analytics and Data Warehousing services to derive insights that give you a competitive advantage.
  • Database Services - manage, share and secure relational data using proven database management systems.
  • Information Integration - enable real-time, integrated access to business information regardless of location or format by providing a broad set of information integration capabilities to semantically align information across disparate sources.
Key Benefits
  • Reduce costs associated with infrastructure rationalization and migration by decoupling information from siloed information sources.
  • Reduce risk exposure through in line analytics and auditable data quality for risk and compliance initiatives.
  • Generate and governs authoritative master data records with shared metadata and data quality services for master data management.
  • Ensure consistent definitions, packaging, and governance of key business data.
  • Enable more business flexibility and increase IT resource productivity.
  • Increase the agility for business transformation by providing reusable information services, spanning structured and unstructured information that can be plugged into applications, business processes, and portals.

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