infor ERP Solutions

Jaggy has built a reputation over the past decade in providing customer service beyond what most services firms do. Your risk is minimal and your reward is great when you choose the Jaggy Infor Team for your consulting needs. We provide high-end Infor implementation and support solutions ranging from the ERP suite of applications to the latest technologies within Infor.

Infor Consulting Services at Jaggy provides a comprehensive range of services in the areas of Baan IV, Baan V and Infor ERP LN consulting, Infor EAM Consulting, Infor Warehouse Management Services and Infor SCM services. Our consultants bring the experience of industry domain and client implementations across these enterprise applications. Whether you are evaluating the need for an ERP, assessing the features required for your business and selecting the right ERP or trying to extend existing ERP functionality, Jaggy's Info business analysis and product selection services can assist you with such requirements.

Implementation Services
Jaggy's ERP team brings years of industry-wide experience in Infor ERP Ln, Baan V, Baan IV Tools and Systems, to help organizations upgrade from Baan IV/ Baan V to LN 6.1 or to implement LN 6.1 from ground-up. Our team members can quickly assess a customer's business and technology needs, and bring extreme agility backed by a wealth of global experience to provide shorter implementation cycles in every engagement.

Application Management Services
Jaggy's technical team can provide round-the-clock application maintenance and support, onsite or offsite. This ensures that assistance is just a phone call or an e-mail away.

Maintenance and Support
Jaggy offers a 24x7 ERP support including system monitoring, performance tune-up, and issue troubleshooting.

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