Enterprise Information Portals
Enterprise Information Portals (EIP) overview

The volume of data and information available in an organization is growing exponentially, resulting in information overload. All of the information is not relevant to all users. Sifting through all the information to find relevant pieces impacts the productivity and efficiency of users. Hence, there is a pressing need for structuring information in a manner that ensures that only relevant information is available to users.

Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) can provide an environment that can be personalized to deliver contextual digital content and services to all identified users (employees, customers, suppliers and partners) from any web-enabled device. Users can access and share information, find resources and other users, collaborate on projects and initiate business or employee transactions.

Jaggy EIP practice brings new concepts and technologies together with existing information management systems to provide a platform for sharing and collaboration. We consolidate existing, disparate portals and web sites and surround them with new, unified access and collaboration tools. Our solutions reuse information assets to reduce errors and eliminate out-of-date content. We provide for governance and design in security.

Key Benefits
  • Establish web-enabled gateway for enterprise information and applications.
  • Improve employee communications and teamwork across vertical business lines in your organization.
  • Support better, more informed analysis and business decisions.
  • Reduce overhead
  • Increase productivity
  • Deliver up-to-date operational reports
Jaggy consulting team delivers your Enterprise Information Portal using technologies based on your best interests, not ours. Our solutions are delivered with technologies including:

Once deployed, Jaggy's portal team is available to maintain and enhance the portal to meet your changing business needs.

Please contact us for more information on Jaggy EIP services.