Energy & Utilities

Energy companies are under pressure to improve shareholder value and address challenges of energy security and sustainability. Given the changes in the geopolitical, environmental and economic scenario, there is increased pressure on the industry to improve shareholder value, and address challenges related to energy security and sustainability. It has resulted in a movement to remote areas for exploration, and outsourcing of non-core activities and operational excellence initiatives. Energy companies can outsource more processes/functions and reduce the number of contractors.

Utilities are one of the most asset-intensive industries. The most critical business issues faced by the Industry are improving customer retention, cross-selling in existing markets and capitalizing on opportunities in emerging markets. Aging workforce is also a concern since the existing knowledge within the workforce is the key to organizational sustainability. Utilities need to continuously improve operating efficiencies to deliver better and faster results at a lower cost.

Utilities can outsource non-core activities such as IT, Finance & Accounting, customer service and supply chain management to ensure reliable service with a variable cost structure. Outsourcing can help companies improve collections and increase process automation.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Meter Data Management (MDM) implementation enable Utilities to improve customer reach and realize benefits of improvised billing, better customer service and most importantly demand response.




Data is stored in a variety of data silos' across the enterprise and are in a variety of formats

Integrate and associate data using integration and Data Hub technology

Enable efficient exploration and production

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Jaggy provides implementation services for leading GRC platforms that integrate business intelligence, process management, and automated controls enforcement to enable sustainable risk and compliance management.

  • Manage multiple regulatory requirements with one enterprise GRC platform
  • Replace labor-intensive and manual activities with automated controls monitoring and process management
  • Minimize time spent on false positives by enforcing controls in the context of business operations

High G&A costs

Our functional practice has industry experts in multiple areas to drive the road map for business process management in several areas:

  • Sourcing and Procurement (both direct and indirect)
  • Knowledge Services (rate case preparation and filing, meter data analytics, Financial Planning & Analysis)
  • Customer Services (B2B and B2C via chat, e-mail or telephone)
  • Order Management (product and services)
  • Services across all business functions enabling end-to- end servicing
  • Ability to customize services to suit business requirements

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