Email Services

Email Services Overview
Email management is a mission-critical application for every organization today. Regardless of what platform your email runs on, if you're not managing it strategically, you run the risk that your email will run away with your storage capacity, cripple server performance and expose you to compliance and legal liabilities.

There are many administrative, technological and even cultural issues that need to be considered as part of a comprehensive email management strategy. Jaggy can help you build an email management and archiving technology solution that addresses all aspects of your email environment.

Jaggy Email Services include:

  • Email Migrations - Whether you need to change platforms or move to a cloud – knowledgeable Jaggy consultants are available to assist you every step of the way.
  • Upgrades - We have helped many organizations with messaging and operating system upgrades. We can position your company to take advantage of the newest solutions to collaborate more effectively. Jaggy expert consultants have worked in hundreds of environments, giving you the benefit of pitfall avoidance when making highly integrated system decisions. Utilizing our combined experience, your new technology can be in your data center faster, leaner and smarter than going it alone.
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery - We understand that email is a mission-critical application, which is why we design, implement and support high availability and disaster recovery services to ensure uninterrupted email service throughout your organization.
  • Archiving - Jaggy designs and implements email archiving solutions with technologies from IBM, NetApp, EMC, Microsoft, Symantec and others.

Hosted and Cloud Email Management Services Available

Available as an outsourced service, Jaggy offers an integrated messaging management solution that reduces the complexity, cost and resources required to manage your messaging environment. We consolidate filtering, secure messaging, archiving, compliance and electronic discovery in one hosted solution that integrates with your existing email client, providing simple access for end-users. Our services integrate with all messaging applications to reduce the complexity and cost of the messaging environment, by minimizing the number of vendors to deal with, support centers to call and interfaces to learn.

Please contact us for additional information on Jaggy Email services.