Database Security Services

Database Security Services Overview
Database servers are the most important servers your company owns. They store all the most critical company assets including client details, financial information, human resource details, product designs and more - all the data that keeps your company in business and, as such, they need to be secure. According to one recent Forrester study, 80 percent of data security breaches involve insiders, employees or those with internal access to an organization, putting information at risk. The big challenge for companies today – particularly as email and the Internet make sharing and distributing corporate information easier than ever - is to strike the right balance between providing workers with appropriate access and protecting sensitive information as much as possible.

Database Security is an Ongoing Process
Organizations must protect data throughout its lifecycle - while in use, in motion and at rest. Jaggy implements database vulnerability management solutions with your needs in mind to:

  • Establish an enterprise database vulnerability framework for your organization.
  • Utilize industry best security practices, including implementing advanced authentication options, auditing, and intrusion detection technologies
  • Review System Security Plans and run periodic security scans and regular database vulnerability assessments
  • Implement data encryption, secure all transportation channels for the data, and ensure off-site backups are securely stored

Jaggy Database security experts are experienced with various systems across many industries including financial, healthcare, aerospace and defense that set the standards for security. Out team assisted organizations to ensure compliance with DISA's Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), NIST Guides, SOX, HIPAA, DSS, and PCI.

Key Benefits

  • Protect from human error
  • Prevent hacking, downtime, loss of data
  • Provide peace of mind knowing your data is secure
  • Improve Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
Database Specific Features
Jaggy's Database Security team has extensive experience in Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and DB2.
  • Oracle: Implementation of solutions such as Advanced Security Options, Virtual Private Databases (VPD), Oracle Database Vault, Oracle Label Security, Oracle Secure Backup, Oracle Data Masking pack (comply with data privacy and protection mandates such as SOX, PCI, DSS, and HIPAA), and Oracle Total Recall, which run within the Oracle Database, as well as solutions such as Oracle Database Firewall and Oracle Audit Vault, which run outside the database and support both Oracle and non-Oracle databases.
  • MySQL: Encrypted connections, secure replication, access control and GRANTs, network options, and file privileges.
  • DB2: DLFM and DLFF security, track implicit privileges, data access control, encryption, and auditing.
  • SQL Server: Kerberos Authentication, SSPI, Baseline Security Analyzer, Windows Authentication, password policies, SQL injection analysis, data encryption, and auditing.

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