Database Infrastructure Design Services

Database Infrastructure Design Services Overview
Jaggy's Database Infrastructure Design Consulting Service is designed to provide you with a technical evaluation and architectural recommendations tailored to specific business applications such as Oracle, SAP, and SQL. A full analysis of your database and the applications surrounding it is performed, including availability, functionality, performance, and future capacity. Our technical consultants will look at your network configuration and topology, to make specific recommendations that will enhance data flow.

Our experts will also evaluate the hardware and software components of client applications, the security safeguards to protect sensitive data, and the integration of legacy data into the new architecture. Analysis is performed in the following areas to create a relational data model and entity relationship diagrams:

  • Independent assessments and configurations
  • Business requirements and constraints
  • Application design specifications, functional objectives, SLA and response time requirements
  • Current and planned network topology, capacity requirements, and transaction volume
  • Security requirements
  • Legacy databases and source systems integration
  • Ad hoc query requirements

Jaggy' database infrastructure design team assessments are technology neutral.

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