Database Capacity Planning Services

Database Capacity Planning Services Overview
Database capacity planning is essential to deliver a pre-determined optimal and consistent user experience throughout the lifecycle of a solution. Database capacity planning helps identify and anticipate demand in advance of when changes are needed to the computing environment, such as adding more CPU, memory, storage or network capabilities, along with suitable configuration changes to the application (grid, version upgrades, 64bit vs. 32bit etc.).

Jaggy's expert DBAs have the first-hand knowledge needed to assist you with your database capacity planning needs. We can develop accurate and efficient capacity plans by taking into consideration IO subsystems, network architecture, servers, and database architecture.

Jaggy DBA team uses a three step process for capacity planning:

  • 1. Determine Service Level Requirements - The first step in our capacity planning process is to categorize the work done by the database system and quantify user's expectations.
  • 2. Analyze Current Capacity - Next, we analyze the current capacity of the system to determine how it is meeting user's needs.
  • 3. Plan for the future - Finally, using forecasts of future business activity, future database requirements are determined. Implementing the required changes will ensure that sufficient capacity will be available to maintain service levels, even as circumstances change in the future.

Key Benefits

  • Cost Savings - procure only the hardware you need
  • High Availability - increase availability and performance knowing your database's capacity is scaled to handle anticipated demand

Database Specific Features
Jaggy's Database Capacity Planning team has extensive experience in Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and DB2.

  • Oracle: Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), ASM, AWR, Memory, CPU, virtualization, Oracle Exadata
  • Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite): Concurrent Manager job processing analysis, review of Memory/CPU/swap space
  • MySQL: OLTP storage capacity, replication, scale-out, MySQL Cluster, mysqlreport, mk-query-digest, table fragmentation
  • DB2: Runtime metrics, EXPLAIN tables, snapshots, profiles.
  • SQL Server: Database mirroring, clustering, replication, database snapshots, usage analysis, auditing

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