Database Configuration Management Services

Database Configuration Management Services Overview
In managing all aspects of an enterprise, Configuration Management is a critical component in day to day operations. Configuration Management is a comprehensive solution that helps database, system and application administrators automate the processes required to manage changes. It eliminates manual and time-consuming task related to Discovery, Deployment of Management agents, Inventory Tracking, Configuration Drift, Detailed Configuration Search and Compliance Management for reporting and management of industry and regulatory compliance standards.

Jaggy database consultants can help ensure consistent configurations across IT environments that in turn can lead to both improved productivity and application uptime. Configuration management also simplifies systems' root-cause analysis and automate remediation of issues caused by configuration changes.

Key Benefits:
  • Discovery, vulnerability scanning, and compliance benchmarking
  • Prevent configuration drift or unauthorized configuration changes
  • Consistency across entire environment
  • Optimal use of system resources
  • Effective tracking of changes
  • Database stability

Database Specific Features
Jaggy's Database Configuration Management team has extensive experience in Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and DB2.

  • Oracle: Oracle Configuration Management Pack, Oracle RAC, DataGuard, Coherence, Replication, Snapshots (NetApp), Grid Control, Resource Manager
  • Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite), Fusion Middleware: Oracle Configuration Management Pack, Concurrent Manager configuration, patching, cloning, rolling patches and updates, track version changes
  • MySQL: MySQL replication, scalability, MySQL Cluster, MySQL Proxy, load balancing, minimize downtime during upgrades and patching
  • DB2: DB2 Cluster, HA cluster management, high availability disaster recovery (HADR), shared metadata repository, database manager configuration parameters, active/active, active/passive configurations
  • SQL Server: SQL Server Clustering, database mirroring, log shipping, replication, configuration options, best practices analyzer

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