Oracle Database Upgrade Services

Oracle Database Upgrade Services
Upgrade to the latest version of Oracle's 11g or 12c Database with Jaggy. Take advantage of Oracle's new version enhanced availability, reliability, scalability and cost efficiency. Our technical experts will analyze your Oracle environment, protect your existing Oracle Database and perform the entire upgrade. Upgrade process is performed using best practices and experience from similar customer engagements.

Why upgrade your existing database?

  • Lifetime Support Policy - take advantage of Oracle's Premium support
  • Faster performance with optimized PL/SQL and Java compilers
  • Greater Availability with Oracle (Active) Data Guard solutions
  • Stronger Data Security with new features such as Oracle's Data Vault
  • Reduced Storage Needs with Oracle's Advanced Compression technologies
  • Enhanced Database Management Capabilities
  • Automatic Performance Diagnostics and Monitoring
  • Application Tuning
  • Simplified Database Upgrade Process

The key value propositions of Oracle 11g/12c and the fastest and smooth upgrade process make it compelling for businesses to consider upgrading older Oracle databases. Upgrading allows businesses access to new functionality and ensures their Oracle database is fully supported by Oracle.

Our Oracle Database Upgrade process comprises the following steps

  • Review - a review of database and operating system software/hardware constraints
  • Audit - a detailed look at customer's Oracle database installation
  • Backup - perform full, cold backup of the existing Oracle database
  • Pre-Upgrade - install any required operating system updates and packages
  • Upgrade - perform database upgrade
  • Report - provide post-upgrade analysis, configure and tune upgraded database
  • Support - take advantage of Jaggy' Database Managed Services

Please contact us for pricing and additional information on our Oracle Database upgrade service.