Content Management Solutions

Enterprise Content Management
A complete ECM solution offers innovative document management capabilities that enhance information accessibility, promote organized collaboration and provide content accountability. These functions are indispensable as operations look to improve efficiency, share knowledge and reduce risk. Companies looking for an enterprise content management (ECM) or document data capture solution have dozens of products to choose from. Each of these systems has strengths and weaknesses, which is why an experienced integrator can be an invaluable resource.

Virtually every organization can leverage document management technology to gain a competitive edge. Reason being, businesses of all sizes in all major industries are faced with: high volumes of documents, presentations and other files created on a daily basis; employees sharing and collaborating information informally; and untracked content and files which hamper compliance efforts mandated by Sarbanes Oxley and DCAA.

Jaggy's enterprise content management solutions help eliminate one of the biggest barriers to greater productivity: unmanaged content creation. In addition, clients can realize other tangible benefits right from the beginning, including:

  • Documents created, updated and shared easily in an organized environment
  • Information across the company will be managed in a single, secure repository
  • Better project management and decision making
  • Experience even more direct access to documents
  • Documents saved and delivered automatically to enhance governance, risk and compliance
  • Ability to converse in electronic workspaces with full access to related documents
  • A centralized repository for all information assets

Content management has many facets including Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Web Content Management (WCM), Document Management (DM), Records and Retention Management (R&RM), Image Management, Content Syndication, Workflow/Business Process Management (BPM), and Digital or Media Asset Management.

Implementation Roadmap
Jaggy's Content Management Implementation Roadmap offering will help you define functional requirements, technical requirements and/or architectural needs related to content management. In addition, our Roadmap will assist you in articulating your vision and strategy and/or prioritizing your desired outcomes. You may find our Implementation Roadmap helpful if you need to build a business case and provide project justification for corporate approval. Further, this Roadmap is often a precursor to a detailed statement of work for large enterprise projects.