Core Banking Transformation
Consumer Lending
Over the past several years, the consumer lending industry has experienced unprecedented change and turmoil. In response to current economic uncertainties, new reforms, regulations and agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have been established to help mitigate, manage, and monitor ongoing risk in the industry. This constantly changing environment directly impacts the financial, operational and regulatory requirements of consumer lending organizations. In this business climate, addressing growing regulatory scrutiny, developing and improving processes for managing financial risks, and implementing enhanced controls to mitigate risk becomes imperative.

JAGGY's consumer lending services support business process improvement and re-design, compliance assistance with new regulations, and financial assistance at the portfolio and loan level. Our professionals use credit analytics, financial analysis and other tools and methodologies to support informed decision making. We can also help monitor loan performance, forecast borrower behavior, estimate credit losses and help mitigate credit and lease residual risks.

Consumer lending (CL) is one of the major sub-verticals within Jaggy's Banking & Financial Services practice. Our CL team focuses on providing solutions to large financial institutions and lenders that addresses key business and technology challenges across the lending segments.

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