Enterprise Cloud Computing

Enterprise Cloud Computing Services Overview
The Enterprise Cloud combines the power and flexibility of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) with the expertise, security and availability that large organizations with mission-critical computing needs demand of their infrastructure. An easy-to-use Web-based management interface provides command and control over a cloud-based resource pool of compute, storage and network built on a fully clustered enterprise-class computing architecture featuring virtualization technology from VMware, the industry leader in enterprise virtualization.

Because it is based on resources, not large and inflexible server units, The Enterprise Cloud allows for precise and dynamic allocation of computing resources when and where they're needed. The Enterprise Cloud gives customers a discrete, dedicated pool of compute resources (CPU, memory, and storage) where you create and manage your own virtual servers. You can also control load balancers and firewall resources allocated to your environment without requiring specialized knowledge or assistance. All of this through an easy-to-use Web console.

At Jaggy, we help organizations leverage clouds computing to reduce their overall spend on IT. We realize that significant investments are made by organizations on software licensing, maintenance, upgrades and infrastructure related activities. In Cloud Computing, these major investments are eliminated and taken care of by the service providers.

Cloud Computing enables the IT departments of organizations to concentrate on strategic planning and information management. In addition, the resulting cost savings enable investment in new and innovative solutions that will give you an edge over your competitors.

Jaggy's consultants will work with you to identify a cloud-hosting infrastructure that best matches your requirements and is right for your organization. We evaluate the applicability of public versus private cloud deployments. And we enable integration with cloud computing and the existing infrastructure and processes that are a part of your organization.

We understand that no two businesses are alike and will work closely with you to understand your business processes. We will then guide and point you in the right direction with regards to hosting options thereby enabling you to maximize your return on investment.

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