Business Continuity & Recovery

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery are processes detailing how your organization readies, recovers and restores partially or completely interrupted business functions within a pre-determined time following a disaster or extended interruption.

It takes comprehensive planning to ensure that all your people, processes and systems can help you get up and running, quickly and efficiently – regardless of disruptions to the workplace. Without a rigorous business continuity program in place, even a minor disruption to your systems, facilities, or key resources can halt operations or harm the financials of your organization.

Jaggy Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Approach
Jaggy's Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery practice keeps your organization up and running, minimizing downtime and mitigating technology and information losses. We develop and deploy solutions based on a comprehensive understanding of your organization, its IT and business assets, and the internal and external pressures that drive them. Because we are vendor agnostic, we allow our client's environments to determine the technology required. We dig deep to deliver a systematic view of your business and technology environment and its various dependencies. Jaggy's BCP/DR team focus is on recovery based on the prioritized needs of your business.

Jaggy Business Continuity Planning, Implementation, and Management includes the following phases:

  • Phase 1 - Establish the foundation. These alignment and analysis steps are necessary to obtain executive sponsorship and the commitment of resources from all stakeholders. Without a basis of business impact analysis and risk assessment, the plan cannot succeed and may not even be developed.
  • Phase 2 - Develop and implement the plan. Attention to detail and active participation by all stakeholders ensure the development of a plan worth implementing. The plan itself must include the recovery strategy with all of its detailed components and the test plan.
  • Phase 3 - Maintain the plan. A Business Continuity Plan is only as effective as it is current. Every tactic of business resumption and recovery must be kept up to date and tested regularly.

Types of Plans
The separate plans that make up a business continuity plan include:

  • Disaster recovery plan - to recover mission-critical technology and applications at an alternate site.
  • Business resumption plan - to continue mission-critical functions at the production site through work-arounds until the application is restored.
  • Business recovery plan - recover mission-critical business processes at an alternate site.
  • Contingency plan - to manage an external event that has far-fetching impact on the business.

Key Benefits of Business Continuity Planning:

  • Minimize business interruption
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Reduce costs and possible litigation and legal liability
  • Reduce exposure to financial losses
  • Have documented and tested plan for emergency situations

Jaggy Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting Practice also offers additional customized services ranging from risk assessments to specialized personnel to manage your Business Continuity Program, at your location.

Please contact us to learn more about Jaggy's BCP/DR consulting practice.