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Demantra Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite

Demantra is leading provider of demand management, sales and operations planning, and trade promotions management.  With Demantra's proven demand chain solutions, and Oracle's ERP and supply chain applications, it provides an integrated solution for the lean enterprise. 

Below is a high-level overview of Jaggy's recent integration of Demantra with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.

  • Install Oracle Application Server 10.1.3 Middle Tier
  • Install Oracle Demantra 7.3 (Oracle Demantra Release 7.3 is available on Oracle Support via Patch 8781523)
  • If you are planning on using Demantra with Oracle Database 11gR1 and R2, install Patch 9176280 and pre-requisites.
  • Set JAVA_HOME and start Tomcat
  • Create and Deploy demantra.war file to Oracle Application Server middle Tier

E-Business Suite integration pre-requisites:

Download and apply E-Business' Demantra Integration Patch # 8602258 for your platform. After applying the patch, grant Demand Management System responsibility.  To grant the responsibility, login to Oracle E-Business as System Administrator Responsibility.  Navigate to Security > Users then Query for user, add responsibility 'Demand Management System Administrator' and Save.  Navigate to Profile > System; Query profile 'MSD_DEM: Host URL' and change value to Oracle AS middle tier where demantra is deployed (http://<host>:<port>/damantra) then save.

Confirm you can access Demantra from E-Business Suite by following these steps:

  • Login to E-Business as Demand Management System Administrator responsibility
  • Follow responsibility 'Demand Management System Administrator'
  • Click 'Demand Management Workbench'; this should redirect to Demantra login page
  • Login as Demantra user (default is username/password: dm/dm)
  • Click on Planning Manager; on first login, Demantra will automatically download and install required software

To access Collaborator Workbench, go to http://<host>:<port>/demantra/portal/loginpage.jsp. If you get an error message "The requested resource is not available", you need to define a data source database connection (this is documented in Oracle Support Note: 888817.1 - Troubleshooting Demantra 7.3 Installation).  Data source connection can be created from Oracle Application Server' Enterprise Manager console on the Middle Tier where Demantra application is deployed. To create data source: Open Oracle Enterprise Manager (oc4jadmin) - JDBC Resources - Create Data Source - Application & Type1. Choose from the dropdown list the Demantra application. For the "Data Sources" section press the 'create' button. Choose 'Native Data Source' from the radio buttons selection. Click 'Continue'. Fill out the mandatory fields: Name: DemantraDS, JNDI Location: jdbc/DemantraDS, Data Source Class: oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource, Login Timeout: 0; Under the URL section, select the radio button 'JDBC URL' and enter the value based on your DB server. Under the Credentials section, enter the name and password of the schema/user you imported. Click finish.

Happy Planning.