Biometric Solutions for Banking
Enhanced security measures and solutions are necessary for businesses across the board, but two markets that need the most comprehensive offerings are banking and retail since both routinely deal with personal information and financial data.

Advances in biometrics have found a place in these two markets as heightened safeguarding requirements and public perception has made banks and stores more cognizant of how they protect their customers and their information. Since biometric solutions are considered one of the most advanced methods of security and have also dropped in price, they are becoming the solution of choice for many financial and retail operations.

Organizations throughout the finance sector increasingly recognize the value of biometric technology to protect both themselves and their customers against the far-reaching consequences of a breach in security. We recognize the advancement of technologies and have a deep understanding of how it can be used to combat the threats posed by money laundering, online fraud and identity theft. We work with key partners and suppliers to bring the benefits of the latest software and hardware to you. Our solution is simple to use, install and upgrade. It processes data in all resolutions and works in multiple languages. It is in full compliance with ANSI/NIST, ISO and FBI standards. Non-reliant on proprietary hardware and image transmission software, it allows users the freedom to configure the system best suited to their needs.

Adding biometrics to existing systems means less disruption to the user base and therefore an easier transition. There are three types of authentication methods: what you know, what you have and what you are. By utilizing biometrics of ‘what you are' with passwords, PINs, access cards, etc., you create a multifactor authentication system that is more convenient for the users and more reliable in verifying who is accessing what resources.

Biometrics has taken the human factor of looking at photo IDs, comparing signatures and simply remembering certain customers to the next level. Copying someone's signature can be done, but copying someone's fingerprint is a different story. Using biometrics and other methods of checks and balances may in fact thwart incidences of identity theft before they happen.


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