Banking & Financial Services
Banking & Financial Services
The banking sector is at a critical moment as it faces increasing pressure to undertake massive change and return to growth. From demands for greater transparency in liquidity and risk management and increasingly stringent compliance requirements, to strict new frameworks for the payments sector and a surge in merger and acquisition activities in the wake of the financial crisis, today's banks must move quickly to stay ahead of the game.

Add to this ever-more vocal customers demanding both improved advisory services and more flexible online offerings, and there is clearly a need for innovative solutions, agility and a strong partner.

Transforming together
JAGGY's rigorous solutions cover all the core processes and cutting-edge systems needed by a modern bank. We contract for innovation and will support your organization throughout its entire business transformation – from management and process consulting and systems integration to operational services enhancement and business process outsourcing. The result? An agile and responsive bank that remains competitive in this complex, fast-moving and combative market-place.

Capabilities Overview
Banking expertise and technological leadership - Staying ahead in a complex and combative marketplace: At JAGGY, we are always sensitive to the unique character of the banking sector, our solutions incorporate new business models, game-changing technologies and proven expertise in business process optimization.

We can free up your banking teams to focus on improving the customer experience, managing risk and building new revenue streams. To achieve this, we complement our portfolio of specialist bank solutions with our proven IT-enabled services, consultancy and technology solutions that give you the agility you need to make change happen as quickly as possible.

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