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About Jaggy
Jaggy Inc., is a leading provider of information technology consulting and managed services for full life-cycle solutions designed to enhance enterprise operations and ensure exceptional return on investment. Our service offerings are varied, covering many different industry verticals and our client engagements include Federal, State and Local Government organizations and Private Entities.

Our customers typically move from an initial engagement through to a strong relationship where we work together delivering scalable solutions that not only simplify business processes, but improve operational efficiency, moving a step beyond straight cost savings. We are focused on learning and continuously improving our capabilities to drive improvements in quality and productivity for our customers.

At Jaggy, quality and process is important, because we know this is where real benefits are made for our clients. Technical solutions alone do not bring long term improvement. Quality is the top priority for us and we take pride in our solutions. We realize that you will depend your business on our solutions. Customers turn to us to replace systems, sometimes because the original supplier did not show the same commitment to quality that we do. Our solutions are built to fit in with your processes or processes re-engineered to suit a better way of working. Either way, the process and the solution must work together.

Work with us and you will have some of the best, most respected information technology architects, database and system administration specialists in the world at your service. We have developed unparalleled skills, mature methodologies, best practices and tools to ensure Jaggy clients receive a level of service that can't be found anywhere else.

One comment repeated by our customers is how impressed they are with our technical abilities and breadth of experience. This is achieved through retention and training of top professionals and consulting engineers - a key differentiator for Jaggy, as we realized our own staff's information quotient is the value of our business. We offer an unprecedented level of transparency toward the work completed by Jaggy engineers resulting in unique opportunity to learn from our team and constantly evaluate the quality of services and value we deliver.

To work with an IT consultancy you can trust to work their hardest for you contact Jaggy.