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Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) Product Acronyms

ABMActivity Based ManagementR11i, R12Obsolete R12
ADApplications DBAR11i, R12
ADSApplications Demonstration ServicesR11i, R12
ADS_DEVADS DevelopmentR11i, R12
ADXRapid Installn/aPsuedo Product
AGISAdvanced Global Intercompany SystemR12Sub-product of FUN
AHLComplex Maintenance Repair and OverhaulR11i, R12
AHMHosting ManagerR11i, R12Obsolete R12
AKCommon Modules-AKR11i, R12
ALRAlertR11i, R12
AMEApprovals ManagementR11i, R12
AMFFulfillment ServicesR11i, R12Obsolete R12
AMLLeads Managementn/aPsuedo Product
AMSMarketingR11i, R12
AMVMarketing Encyclopedia SystemR11i, R12
AMWInternal Controls ManagerR11i, R12
ANSales AnalysisR11i, R12
APPLCSFApplications Common Support/Script FilesR11i, R12Acronym - not product or psuedo product.
ARReceivablesR11i, R12
ASSales FoundationR11i, R12
ASFSales OnlineR11i, R12
ASGCRM Gateway for Mobile DevicesR11i, R12
ASLSales OfflineR11i, R12
ASNSalesR11i, R12
ASOOrder CaptureR11i, R12
ASPOracle Sales for HandheldsR11i, R12Renamed from Field Sales/Palm Devices
ASTTeleSalesR11i, R12
ATGApplications Technologyn/aPsuedo Product
AUApplication UtilitiesR11i, R12
AXGlobal Accounting EngineR11i, R12Obsolete R12
AZApplication ImplementationR11i, R12
BENAdvanced BenefitsR11i, R12
BICCustomer IntelligenceR11i, R12Obsolete R12
BIEeCommerce IntelligenceR11i, R12
BILSales IntelligenceR11i, R12
BIMMarketing IntelligenceR11i, R12
BINCommunications IntelligenceR11i, R12
BISApplications BISR11i, R12AKA Business Intelligence
BIVService IntelligenceR11i, R12
BIXInteraction Center IntelligenceR11i, R12
BIYSystems IntelligenceR11i, R12
BLCUtility BillingR11i, R12
BNEWeb Applications Desktop IntegratorR11i, R12
BOMBills of MaterialR11i, R12
BPABill Presentment Architecturen/aPsuedo Product
BSCBalanced ScorecardR11i, R12
CACCommon Application Calendarn/aPsuedo Product
CCInteraction Centern/aPsuedo Product
CCTTelephony ManagerR11i, R12
CDROracle Clinical Data RepositoryR12AKA Life Sciences Data Hub
CECash ManagementR11i, R12
CHVSupplier SchedulingR11i, R12
CLAAPAC Consulting LocalizationsR12
CLEEMEA Consulting LocalizationsR12
CLJJapan Consulting LocalizationsR12
CLLLAD Consulting LocalizationsR12
CLNSupply Chain Trading Connector for RosettaNetR11i, R12
CLRCulinary ApplicationR11i, R12
CNIncentive CompensationR11i, R12
COMCommunicationsn/aPsuedo Product
CRPCapacityR11i, R12
CSServiceR11i, R12
CSCCustomer CareR11i, R12
CSDDepot RepairR11i, R12
CSEAsset TrackingR11i, R12Renamed from Enterprise Install Base
CSFField ServiceR11i, R12
CSIInstall BaseR11i, R12
CSKKnowledge Basen/aPsuedo Product
CSLField Service/LaptopR11i, R12
CSMField Service/PalmR11i, R12
CSNCall CenterR12
CSPSpares ManagementR11i, R12
CSRSchedulerR11i, R12
CSSSupportR11i, R12Obsolete R12
CSTCost ManagementR11i, R12
CSZCustomer Supportn/aPsuedo Product
CTBClinical Transaction BaseR11i, R12
CUACapital Resource Logistics - AssetsR11i, R12
CUCRevenue AccountingR11i, R12
CUEBilling ConnectR11i, R12Obsolete R12
CUFCapital Resource Logistics - FinancialsR11i, R12
CUGCitizen Interaction CenterR11i, R12
CUINetwork Logistics - InventoryR11i, R12
CUNNetwork Logistics - NATSR11i, R12Obsolete R12
CUPNetwork Logistics - PurchasingR11i, R12
CURMass Market Receivables for CommsR11i, R12
CUSNetwork LogisticsR11i, R12
CUSTOMCustom DevelopmentR11i, R12
CZConfiguratorR11i, R12
DDDCADView-3DR11i, R12
DDRDemand Signal RepositoryR12.1
DEMDemo Order Entry (AOL Class)R11i, R12
DEM01Team 01 Order Entry DemoR12
DMFDiscrete Manufacturingn/aPsuedo Product
DNADevelopmentR11i, R12
DOMDocument Managment and CollaborationR11i, R12
DPPPrice Protectionn/aPsuedo Product
DTDateTrackR11i, R12
DUMMY_GMOObsolete Process OperationsR12
EAASEM ExchangeR11i, R12Obsolete R12
EAMEnterprise Asset ManagementR11i, R12
ECe-Commerce GatewayR11i, R12
ECXXML GatewayR11i, R12
EDRE-RecordsR11i, R12
EDWEnterprise Data Warehousen/aPsuedo Product
EGOAdvanced Product CatalogR11i, R12
EMSEnvironment Management SystemR11i, R12
ENGEngineeringR11i, R12
ENIProduct Development IntelligenceR11i, R12
EVMValue Based ManagementR11i, R12
EWSEnterprise Warehouse Sourcen/aPsuedo Product
EXCHGExchangen/aPsuedo Product
FEMEnterprise Performance FoundationR11i, R12Renamed from Strategic Enterprise Management
FFFastFormulaR11i, R12
FIIFinancial IntelligenceR11i, R12
FINFinancialsn/aPsuedo Product
FLMFlow ManufacturingR11i, R12
FNDApplication Object Library, FND=FouNDationR11i, R12
FPAProject Portfolio AnalysisR11i, R12Renamed from Portfolio Analyzer
FPTBanking CenterR11i, R12Obsolete R12
FRMReport ManagerR11i, R12
FTETransportation ExecutionR11i, R12
FTPTransfer PricingR11i, R12
FUNFinancials Common ModulesR12
FVFederal FinancialsR11i, R12
FWKApplications Frameworkn/aPsuedo Product
GCSFinancial Consolidation HubR11i, R12Renamed from Global Consolidation System
GISGlobal Intercompany SystemR11i
GHRUS Federal Human ResourcesR11i, R12
GMAProcess Manufacturing SystemsR11i, R12
GMDProcess Manufacturing Product DevelopmentR11i, R12
GMEProcess Manufacturing Process ExecutionR11i, R12
GMFProcess Manufacturing FinancialsR11i, R12
GMIProcess Manufacturing InventoryR11i, R12
GMLProcess Manufacturing LogisticsR11i, R12
GMOManufacturing Execution System for Process ManufacturingR12
GMPProcess Manufacturing Process PlanningR11i, R12
GMSGrants AccountingR11i, R12
GMWProcess Manufacturing PortalR11i, R12
GNIGenealogy IntelligenceR11i, R12
GRProcess Manufacturing Regulatory ManagementR11i, R12
HCHealthcaren/aPsuedo Product
HCAHealthcareR11i, R12
HCCiHCConnectR11i, R12
HCNiHCIntegrateR11i, R12
HCPHealthcare IntelligenceR11i, R12Renamed from Healthcare Portal
HCTHealthcare Terminology ServerR11i, R12
HRHuman Resourcesn/aPsuedo Product
HRIHuman Resources IntelligenceR11i, R12
HXCTime and Labor EngineR11i, R12
HXTTime and LaborR11i, R12
HZTrading Communityn/aPsuedo Product
IAiAssetsR11i, R12
IAMDigital Asset ManagementR11i, R12
IBAiMarketingR11i, R12Obsolete R12
IBCContent ManagerR11i, R12
IBEiStoreR11i, R12
IBPBill Presentment & PaymentR11i, R12
IBTiAuctionR11i, R12
IBUiSupportR11i, R12
IBWOracle Web AnalyticsR12
IBYPaymentsR11i, R12Renamed from iPayments
ICXOracle iProcurementR11i, R12Renamed from Self_Service Web Applications
IEBInteraction BlendingR11i, R12
IECAdvanced Outbound TelephonyR11i, R12
IEMEmail CenterR11i, R12
IEOInteraction Center TechnologyR11i, R12
IEPPredictiveR11i, R12
IESScriptingR11i, R12
IETCall Center ConnectorsR11i, R12
IEUUniversal Work QueueR11i, R12
IEVIVR IntegratorR11i, R12
IEXCollectionsR11i, R12
IGCContract CommitmentR11i, R12
IGFFinancial AidR11i, R12
IGIPublic Sector Financials InternationalR11i, R12
IGPPersonal Portfolion/aPsuedo Product
IGRStudent Recruitingn/aPsuedo Product
IGSStudent SystemR11i, R12Renamed from Student Systems
IGWGrants ProposalR11i, R12
IMCCustomers OnlineR11i, R12
IMTiMeetingR11i, R12Obsolete R12
INVInventoryR11i, R12
INLOracle Landed Cost ManagementR12.1
IPACapital Resource Logistics - ProjectsR11i, R12
IPATCHOracle.com iPatchn/aPsuedo Product
IPDProduct DevelopmentR11i, R12Obsolete R12
IPMOracle Imaging Process ManagementR12
ISCSupply Chain IntelligenceR11i, R12
ISXiSettlementR11i, R12
ITAInformation Technology AuditR12
ITGInternet Procurement Enterprise ConnectorR11i, R12
ITMItem Mastern/aPsuedo Product
IZUDiagnosticsn/aPsuedo Product
JAAsia/Pacific LocalizationsR11i, R12
JAIFinancials for Indian/aPsuedo Product
JEEuropean LocalizationsR11i, R12
JGRegional LocalizationsR11i, R12
JLLatin America LocalizationsR11i, R12
JMFSupply Chain LocalizationsR12
JTACRM Applications Foundationn/aPsuedo Product
JTFCRM FoundationR11i, R12
JTHInteraction Historyn/aPsuedo Product
JTMMobile Application FoundationR11i, R12
JTOOne-to-one Fulfillmentn/aPsuedo Product
JTSCRM Self Service AdministrationR11i, R12
JTTCRM Technology Foundationn/aPsuedo Product
JTUCRM Utilitiesn/aPsuedo Product
JTYTerritoriesn/aPsuedo Product
LNSLoansR11i, R12
MASMarketing and Salesn/aPsuedo Product
MEControlled Availability ProductR11i, R12Obsolete R12
MFGManufacturingR11i, R12
MIAMobile Applications for Inventory ManagementR11i, R12
MIVMedia InteractiveR11i, R12
MKTMarketingn/aPsuedo Product
MQAMobile Quality ApplicationsR11i, R12
MRPMaster Scheduling/MRPR11i, R12
MSCAdvanced Supply Chain PlanningR11i, R12
MSDDemand PlanningR11i, R12
MSEManufacturing Development Operationsn/aPsuedo Product
MSOConstraint Based OptimizationR11i, R12
MSRInventory OptimizationR11i, R12
MSTTransportation PlanningR11i, R12
MSXSupply Chain Exchangen/aPsuedo Product
MTHManufacturing Development Operationsn/aPsuedo Product
MWAMobile ApplicationsR11i, R12
OAMOracle Applications ManagerR11i, R12
OCMCredit Managementn/aPsuedo Product
ODQData QueryR11i, R12
OEOrder EntryR11i, R12
OFAAssetsR11i, R12AKA FA
OIEiExpensesn/aPsuedo Product
OIRiReceivablesn/aPsuedo Product
OITInternet Timen/aPsuedo Product
OKContracts Suiten/aPsuedo Product
OKBContracts for SubscriptionsR11i, R12Obsolete R12
OKCContracts CoreR11i, R12
OKEProject ContractsR11i, R12
OKIContracts IntelligenceR11i, R12
OKLLease ManagementR11i, R12
OKOContracts for SalesR11i, R12Obsolete R12
OKPContracts for ProcurementR11i, R12Obsolete R12
OKRContracts for RightsR11i, R12Obsolete R12
OKSService ContractsR11i, R12
OKTRoyalty ManagementR11i, R12
OKXContracts IntegrationR11i, R12
OMOrder Managementn/aPsuedo Product
ONTOrder ManagementR11i, R12
OPIOperations IntelligenceR11i, R12
OPMProcess Manufacturingn/aPsuedo Product
OTALearning ManagementR11i, R12
OUCUniversity CurriculumR12
OWFWorkflown/aPsuedo Product
OZFTrade ManagementR11i, R12
OZPTrade PlanningR11i, R12Obsolete R12
OZSiClaimsR11i, R12Obsolete R12
PAProjectsR11i, R12
PAYPayrollR11i, R12
PBRBudgeting and PlanningR11i, R12
PERHuman ResourcesR11i, R12
PFTOracle Profitability ManagerR11i, R12Renamed from Performance Analyzer
PJProjectsn/aPsuedo Product
PJBProject BillingR11i, R12Psuedo Product
PJCProject CostingR11i, R12Psuedo Product
PJFProject FoundationR11i, R12Psuedo Product
PJIProject IntelligenceR11i, R12
PJLProject CollaborationR11i, R12Psuedo Product
PJMProject ManufacturingR11i, R12
PJRProject Resource ManagementR11i, R12Psuedo Product
PJTProject ManagementR11i, R12Psuedo Product
PLMProduct Lifecycle Managementn/aPsuedo Product
PMIProcess Manufacturing IntelligenceR11i, R12
PNProperty ManagerR11i, R12
POPurchasingR11i, R12
POAPurchasing IntelligenceR11i, R12
POMExchangeR11i, R12
PONSourcingR11i, R12
POSiSupplier PortalR11i, R12
POVExchange Marketplace - Coren/aPsuedo Product
PQHPublic Sector HRR11i, R12
PQPPublic Sector PayrollR11i, R12
PRCProcess Connectn/aPsuedo Product
PRGCProgress CustomR11i, R12
PRPProposalsR11i, R12
PSAPublic Sector FinancialsR11i, R12
PSBPublic Sector BudgetingR11i, R12
PSPLabor DistributionR11i, R12
PSRPublic Sector ReceivablesR12
PTXPatch Tracking SystemR11i, R12
PVPartner ManagementR11i, R12
QAQualityR11i, R12
QOTQuotingR11i, R12
QPAdvanced PricingR11i, R12
QPROracle Deal ManagementR12.1
QRMRisk ManagementR11i, R12
RCIRegulatory Compliance Intelligencen/aPsuedo Product
RCMRegulatory Capital ManagerR11i, R12Obsolete R12
RGApplication Report GeneratorR11i, R12
RHXAdvanced Planning FoundationR11i, R12Obsolete R12
RLARelease Management Integration KitR11i, R12Obsolete R12
RLMRelease ManagementR11i, R12
RMGRisk ManagerR11i, R12
RRCRetail CoreR12
RRSSite ManagementR12
SCMSupply Chain Managementn/aPsuedo Product
SCPAdvanced Planningn/aPsuedo Product
SEMFinancials Services Applicationsn/aPsuedo Product
SHTApplications Shared TechnologyR11i, R12
SLSSales Suiten/aPsuedo Product
SQLAPPayablesR11i, R12AKA AP
SQLGLGeneral LedgerR11i, R12AKA GL
SRVService Suiten/aPsuedo Product
SYSADMINSystem AdministrationR11i, R12
TXKTeckstackn/aPsuedo Product
UMXUser Managementn/aPsuedo Product
UNVStudent Systemn/aPsuedo Product
VEAAutomotiveR11i, R12
VEHAutomotive Integration KitR11i, R12Obsolete R12
WIPWork in ProcessR11i, R12
WMAManufacturing Mobile ApplicationsR11i, R12
WMSWarehouse ManagementR11i, R12
WPSManufacturing SchedulingR11i, R12
WSHShipping ExecutionR11i, R12
WSMShop Floor ManagementR11i, R12
XBOLBusiness OnlineR11i, R12
XDOXML Publisher / BI Publisher, XDO=eXtended Document ObjectR11i, R12
XDPProvisioningR11i, R12
XLASubledger AccountingR12
XLELegal Entity ConfiguratorR12
XNAService Assurance for CommunicationsR11i, R12
XNBOracle Telecommunications Billing IntegratorR11i, R12Renamed from eBusiness Billing
XNCSales for CommunicationsR11i, R12Obsolete R12
XNIInstall Base IntelligenceR11i, R12Obsolete R12
XNMMarketing for CommunicationsR11i, R12Obsolete R12
XNPNumber PortabilityR11i, R12
XNSService for CommunicationsR11i, R12Obsolete R12
XNTTeleBusiness for Telecom/UtilitiesR11i, R12
XTRTreasuryR11i, R12
XXV8VirtuateR11i, R12
ZFAFinancial AnalyzerR11i, R12
ZPBEnterprise Planning and BudgetingR11i, R12
ZSASales AnalyzerR11i, R12
ZXE-Business TaxR12

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